how to start a new Tv channel with maximum TRP

(which Reflects  Indian Culture in true sense)
 Why  new channel ?

Within last few years Indians have seen very good channel content by Zee and very bad content channels also. Some of them are closed also, because of non creative content.

TV channel is totally a commercial activity, so to run it; TRP is calculated.

Under the name of TRP Indian Television is at very worst level of entertainment, social awareness, education and cheep story -line daily soaps (?)

Crime based programs must be minimized from prime channels, program like CID, Savdhan India has corrupted many brains, it promotes  ideas to criminal minds. Those kind of programs has made huge loss of innocent Indian teenagers.

I wonder to see very few motivating program. Only Dr. Subhash Chandra has taken very good initiative in shaping future India, but again very less campaigning of this program in comparing with third class other daily soaps.

When new soap is suppose to launch Indians can see huge banners hoardings in every corner of every city, then why not about "Dr. Chandra's program!" It is not reached properly to students and young generation.

Is there any program based on literature of any legendry Author, Kavi, Shayar, Natakkar? The answer is No.  Indian Literature is very rich in every language,(where we have 24 main languages)
Unfortunately Channels use only name of particular popular author then the content inside is put by very cheap so called writers, I feel very sorry when I see "Sharad Johi" s name with Lapataganj,         R. K. Laxman ki Duniya , using a Common man's character. ….    

OK..Now What is the New Idea?

This channel must have following content…

1.       Motivating history of India against British rule.
2.       Select any author who has got "GYANPEETH puraskar" and make serials on his litereture.
3.       Serial based on Motivating short stories (I can suggest many)
4.       Comedy serials based on "real" fictions and satires, not like fake 'Tarak Meheta ka ulta chashma'.
5.       Serial on legendry dramas in every language in India.
6.       Serials based on stories -Translated fictions- of Leo Tolstoy, Guy de Mompassa etc. the legendary authors.
7.       Thinkers forum to deliver thoughts on given subject-not like news channels conducting discussions of experts on any political leaders 'one' sentence  , the choice of subject must reflect and create good society. (e.g.  mobile addiction, T.V. addiction, information about various deceases..etc)

Psychological help and problem solving to
1.       Parenting
2.       Interpersonal relationship
3.       Handling spouse
4.       Handling subordinates etc.

( I can suggest more than 1000 subjects)

8.        Interviews of Commissioner level  IAS IPS officers to give  Information about government policies and departments like- KVIC  (Bridging gap between common man and government administration)

9.       Do not give information only but ask NGOs which are working for this cause display their contact help people.  Grievances and queries will be solved in front of camera, with proper documentary style. .(Like," Pawn star" on History channel )

10.    Topmost TRP program….Make sophisticated serial on the life of Sardar Patel, Maulanaa Aazad, Lokmanya Tilak, Dr.B.R.Ambedkar, Sawitribai & Jyotiba Fule, Ramanujan,DR. Bose, Robindranaath Tagore, Swami Vivekanand, Manek Shaw, Jagjivan Ram. …How can I say topmost TRP? The secret is ; These personalities have large number of followers (I can suggest 200 personalities like this)

     11.   School Heroes.  Under the age of 15. Ask schools to participate by visiting at the schools, not       .            from the cities but from very remote countryside area. Those will be folk singers, folk      dancers            etc.

     12 Inspiring Stories and interviews with dramatization  of Living I.A.S. / I.P.S./ I.F.S. and Banking .             officers- to inspire students- to study for competitive exams. For making strong India.
     13. A program which will explain how to start small businesses with small investments. To attract     .          youth towards business (small scale industry or cottage industry) , to generate employment,   .            rather to ask for a job. India's fight against unemployment.

    14. Program against tobacco & liquor. Experts to explain how to get rid of bad habits.         .  . . . . . . . .       Dramatization of people who have left cigarettes, liquor etc.

 Programs with little investments, like "Pawn Star" 'kings of restoration' ' baggage battle' have shown, how a routine life activity can turn into high TRP program.
 In real sense it will be a mass movement towards big change.
(I have thousands of ideas to make any channel popular with a very strong content.)
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