HOUSE-IN-One-Lakh-Rs? Is it possible?

HOUSE-IN-One-Lakh-Rs? Is it possible?

Affordable house in (1500=00) Fifteen Hundred dollars ? i.e. around one lakh Rs ? Is it possible? Yes my friends…. Please go through this blog carefully, till end.

Every specie, on this earth stays (or rather sleeps) at a particular space. Mammals, serpentine, birds and even under water species make themselves some shelter to stay in. Shelter protects us from weather conditions, and rivals. Shelter allows safe growth of new born babies of every species.

For humans also, to build a home is taught by the nature. It’s just like birds (or honey bees) who know the art to build their own nest. No one teaches them. Like this humans were also making houses with the help of leaves and wood. Some humans have captured caves (vacant dens), and then later on tried to build cave with the help of natural big stones. But when humans developed more they have developed technology to use cakes of ‘Hot-Mud’ known as ‘bricks’ further.

When it was cave, or hut; it was round in shape on ground. Walls were slant to the ground. Around before three thousand years China invented bricks. Since bricks are rectangular, the human shelter took rectangle shape. Now the walls are perpendicular instead of slant, like caves or huts.

Stone buildings were very costly and need much more labor in it. Only castles and public buildings were made with stone.

After the invention of bricks, every human got a good house. Soon it became a status symbol. To own a big house is a status symbol in every country.

By default of the nature every Indian wants to own a house. So whenever Indians gets money they purchase a home. Ironically enough Indians take loan to purchase a home. Means if any family is having 20 lakh Rs, they will not purchase 20 lakh Rs home…. They will take loan from bank, relatives, friends and they will go for 30 lakh Rs home. If any family has 30 lakh Rs they will go for 50 lakh Rs home with loan. Indians enjoy paying home loan.

Idea of owning home is not ‘so badly’ popular in developed countries. They rarely will over budget their purchasing. 

Even main reason to close down small businesses in India is, businessman invest their profit into home, keeps nothing for reinvesting in business…

The craze of owning home is very powerful in India, that worlds costly home worth Ten Thousand Crores 10,000,000,00,000=00 is owned by Indian business family, Mukesh & Nita Ambani (according to the valuation by ‘Forbes’ in 2012.) This worlds costly house is made for 5 family members who rarely stay in it and the per month electricity bill is Seventy Lakh rs 70,00,000=00. Mumbai city has around one crores population and one third of electricity is consumed by 1 family…because they are rich…

Oh, yes we were discussing build-o-archio-anthropology. Every home is having two basic things…one is a common (living) room, another is a kitchen. At country side even today many houses are not attached with toilet bathroom. After clean India movement by Indian PM Modi, many families have understood importance of ‘toilet’. But still they are orthodox; the toilet is not attached with the room it is at least 10 feet away from room.

If a family can afford; then they might have one extra room which is known as ‘bedroom’. So every home is having one kitchen, one living room, one toilet, and one bedroom. Then after…number of rooms and toilets depend on economical status of the family.

  Room wise biggest house in India is a ‘President house’ with 340 (main) rooms (multiply average by 3.5 to know total rooms) Spread on 320 acre (130 hectors) land.(130 hectors land produces 2860 Tonnes Rice) Imagine how many poor people can feed on this rice! Sheer waste of money… because the money used to maintain Presidents house is hard earn money of Indians, who paid taxes for self development. Not for lavish stay of one person even if he is President. They have thousand of Horses, Camels and their riding staff, just to salute him. President must have well equipped safe office but is it necessary to have such a lavish house, where every night dinner expenses can feed at least one village per day. I have listened rumors’ that the ‘Pan’ served after dinner is worth 4000=00 Where in India there might be lakhs of families (with 6 members)who have monthly budget of four thousand…. 
India can build a small dam every month in every District if ‘President House’ trims down its maintenance expenditure every month. That house is a symbol of ‘colonist’ after British. (This was very bold statement by Hon. Gyani Zailsingh, who was the President during Hon. Indiraji Gandhi’s PM-ship)The point I want to make it, we have to change our thinking. So that everyone can get a good house.

In India prices of home are crazy. Those prices are artificial. To build a 600 sq ft house it needs cement, bricks and labor which is almost at same price….. then why 600 sq feet house is @ 30 lakh at Mumbai and 3 lakh at countryside? This is because of the artificial inflated price of land.

If I calculate a 600 sq ft house it must get ready within 1,00,000=00 (One Lakh Rs.) How? Ask me.

If I tell you that an average hut (8x8 ft) of cement concrete comes at 25,000=00 then it will be a surprised.

I have an idea to make houses in factory. After mass production labor cost will be only 2% of the material. If we replace cement by Fly Ash the cost of construction will be 20% of the cement. This will be fully concreted house two times tougher than cement. So we can decrease quantity of material in it. Houses will be transported to anywhere. RTA technology… some people may say, a ‘great idea’ some may say, ‘not possible’ But if what, I deliver the decent home for you in one lakh Rs?  

We have discovered (not invented) new techniques to build house that will attack real estate price. Now very family can stay in lavish house, there will not be scarcity of water there will be no power cut, in this home.
Unbelievable….Hamm…..ask me…. on

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