I have never seen this kind of -bakwas-boring-ad till date, Make My Trip ad

Humming excited full of over acting pack Sindhi boy Ranveer Singh Bhavnani    and dumb, actress without brain and talent... Sony Razdan's (and Mahesh Bhatt) daughter Aliya Bhatt.

  Soni Razdan  at middle (left Anupam Kher, Right Rohini Hattangadi ) She was also average actress. Her only qualification was she got married with Mahesh, when he was hunting for new girl friend, after schizophrenic attack on Parveen Babi. Infact Mahesh Bhatt divorced with Lorraine Bright (named as Kiran later )


Pooja Bhatt is Lorraine and Mahesh's daughter. Mahesh Bhatt is son of Nanabhai Bhatt (a  Gujarati brahmin)and Shirin Mohammad Ali (Dawoodi Bohra ) Ok. So the dumb actress Alia has the only qualification that she belongs to Bhatt family.

Otherwise, even Bhatt, as a director, will reject "this kind of girl" who has below average poor talent. She can not even speak properly. While speaking Alia's tongue comes in between teeth. She can not show expressions properly. Looks confused in every frame.. Does not have proper heroine or actress type personality as a whole...

She got casted against most humming actor in today's bollywood. Raneer Singh. His Only qualification is his filthy rich family background. In India if your father were rich, you can be a hero.. he is always over excited in front of camera..because this generation is from acting school, whose teacher is not only unsuccessful hero, but very worst actor. If teacher is below average, students will also below average. 

In this ad dialogue, expressions and gate up is so poor that this ad will affect adversely on the organisations goal. Problem with comedy ad is when it becomes boring.. then irritating.. background music is also boring..The director of this ad has equal talent to Alia, as a director,          

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