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Idea IIN Ad with Social message.

After Dadasaheb Falake’s single handed efforts film industry started in India. From the beginning films  were considered as media of entertainment only. But after the emergence of Satyajit Ray, Ritwik Ghatak, Mrinal Sen Indian films got a thought procedure. They took this media for social reform. It became voice of economical and social backward class. This was much matured stage of Indian cinema.

Like this now Indian TV ad is going through a matured stage. It is going through a thought procedure. Before this ads were only having comic or entertaining script.

When Abhishek Bacchan started ad campaign for ‘Idea’ something was missing in it. But now ‘Idea’ads are coming with fantastic solutions of social problems.

When we were in colleges we were discussing problems of Indian girls educational drop after marriage, we were discussing about problems of daughter-in-laws formal education, we were discussing about problems and life of ‘eunuch’ (the hijaras), and suddenly ‘Idea’ came with these concepts. That is really fantastic!

A middle class mother in her late forties has stopped her education and sacrificed her life for her kids. A girl now understands pain of mother’s half education.

Her daughter arranges admission for her, in IIN to complete her education. This ad is able to develop will power of middle class women. This ad presents very positive relationship between parents and kids. Now with the changing technology kids are getting mature. There was a time when parents used to make efforts for the admission. Parents were motivating kids to get education. Now kids are making efforts for parents to complete their education.

Another ad is inspired by Nobel award winner ‘Malala’ from Pakistan

A lower middle class lady is educating women through IIN. This concept is symbol of reformation in Indian society. Those daughter-in-laws are taking education in their houses, while performing all family duties. All ladies are from Haryana so allowed director to show pallu on their head, create feel of orthodox culture. Intelligent..

Third ad…

I like this ad because they have shown (first time in India) life of, ‘eunuch’ (the hijaras) It was really a very delicate subject to present. The skill of the director is to convince mass public on the subject. Because this is not a film on eunuch, where, if people accept it or not, make no difference… This is a commercial, if suppose this concept was not handled properly then there might be failure with acceptance of product as a whole. This was very high risk factor. The product might get set back, if people tease among themselves by purchasing product for ‘hijaras’.

This happened with ‘Scooty’.

 ‘Why boys should always have fun’. This punch line gave total set back to scooty, because then after no male was willing to drive scooty. Guys who owned scooty already has lost the confidence to drive it. So from next month it was available for sale at local garages.

Success behind ‘Idea’ ad is, the model selected is actual ‘hijara’ who is educated. He is around 45 to 48 years old. There is a natural basic pain in his eyes and face regarding his existence. Make up is very little. The heavy body creates more respect, avoids vulgarity. The atmosphere is old type chawl room on second floor. The anxiety is by close ups. The body language walking in corridor shows pains of life. It comes with thoughts inside… gets grip on viewer’s mind. The voice over runs… hatred by society. This takes viewer’s mind in more depth. Then school kids are running around. Giving message that this eunuch is running orphan house or some social activity or accepted by society that parents allow kids to play around eunuch room.

This argues viewers mind to give eunuch respect and human treatment. Social message in ad makes any brand very strong. If you remember ‘hamara bajaj’ or next ad to hamara bajaj, a man lost his video camera (worth forty thousand before 25 years) and a person riding on Bajaj is searching him to return his camera, shown good values. This ad made people emotionally attached with Bajaj.

Good values always make any brand very strong.    

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