When I was a child, while watching black and white 'doordarshan' movies I used to get disturbed by advertisements.

At that time it was considered as a fashion not to see the advertisements.

Reason behind this might be, at that time entertainment value in ad was very less. And big film stars never appear in ads. Small screen appearance i.e. ads or even interviews on TV was considered as down market, by film stars.

 At that time shooting was very expensive and all good technicians were very busy in film productions. TV commercial making was part of film productions it was not an independent industry.

Fortunately we are witnessing to an era where very talented people are attached with commercial making. Every superstar is doing ads, more than films. Camera (and also new ideas ) available in everyone's hand. Technology is more easy, now one can focus on the creativity. Some times we are getting some fantastic ads where people really stop for a while. There are really good advertisements, we will try to understand some good ads. Here we will not discuss M.B.A. type syllabus to understand world of advertisements.

We will discus its presentation, social value, and reach to targeted audience, if an ad is technically perfect but unable to add any brand name value then its 'expenses' not 'investment' for a company
We will try to understand impact of this particular advertisement. The age group, the status of people shown, timing (day or night), geographical area (village, city or other country) are considered while making ad film. It is always shoot for 2 to 3 minute, which is very long shoot when we consider thousands of rupees charges per millisecond. It turns into millions of rupees. So ad is always edited again for 22 to 48 seconds while on air.

I have chosen this wonderful ad of "Redlabel" tea.

This ad is spreading Brotherhood message. The age group selected is between 35 to 55. A location is chosen of not new apartment or any modern furnished house, but an old type house which has specious corridor. Wooden door with white reverse strips, a color on wall is old duel style.

 A couple in their late fifties carrying few bags are suppose to enter inside their house. Which is not modern flat.

A male is wearing a light color check half sleeve shirt represents "R.K. Laxman's" common man. Representing modern era he is having light color trouser instead of 'dhoti'. His shirt is having creases, which normally found after long travel by bus or a train. He is wearing thick plastic frame eye wear, just like 'R.K. Laxman's' character. He is carrying a typical nylon fat bag, which shows they are returning from countryside to city. He is a learned man, so that he is not shouting at his wife but whispering among them self. his body language shows that he is not happy with his neighbors. He is carrying a simple cell phone which is not android.

A woman is a typical house wife, not having over make up, wearing a light color middle class type saree. She is not wearing a matching blouse but a loose fitting light color blouse. She is carrying a brownish purse on shoulder and long strip little heavy bag, on the floor. She is not speaking with husband having eye to eye contact but trying to convince him "regarding tea" looking inside the purse.

A neighbor, might be 'Muslims' a very kind hearted gentle lady in her late thirties, having a girl child wearing a typical cloth. While opening her door she is inviting them to sit for a while, but a man denies. She is very confident enough, at aroma of RED LABEL tea. She offers a tea, again deny by a male, wide opens door and windows. His wife loves aroma of tea from neighbors house trying to convince her husband.

A neighbor has semi old furniture, onion hang in kitchen, tea cup, dining table represents typical middle class. Her utensil in close up of boiling tea invites test buds of tea lovers. As a girl child indicates mother that they are in, she confidently asks how much sugar? She has already prepared for four cups, shows confidence on aroma and taste of tea.

Music added is very mild. A sound mixer artist smartly added boiling water sound at the close up.

A male when asks for another cup of tea, she smiles at her, because she has already prepared for an extra cup of tea.

This wonderful ad spreads not only world peace and brotherhood message, but it also makes product to sale strongly in market with big brand name. Next time we will analyze another advertisement, so that we can enjoy ads also...

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