Film-stars-&-TV-Ad-Ranbeer Singh-Kittu Gidwani-in-Maruti-ad

Film-stars-&-TV-Ad-Ranbeer Singh-Kittu Gidwani-in-Maruti-ad

Ranveer singh (Bhavnani) is a Sindhi boy loaded with excitement, results into over acting. He is caste by Maaruti ad director with the concept of promising upcoming new star, with Kitu Gidwani(do you remember this sindhi girl from 1986 'air hostess' serial on Doordarshan, she is 1967 born). These type of concept always gets flop with that star’s market value. This Sindhi boy has got two three films with big banner but to watch him in lead role was punishment for 3 hours.

For ‘RaamLeela’ he appeared with long hair and beard. Then the film was super humming and flop. Then his guru asked him to worship ‘Balaji’. Tirupati Balaji is a sacred place where one has to shave ‘everything’including head. Then he immediately got contract with Maruti. Since the ad was supposed to be blessings of Balaji, it was decided not to give him hair-wig.

The concept of the ad was, Ranbeer is a ‘film star’(Ad character as Ranbeer only) going to attend a party with Kitu Gidwani female co-star, in his new luxurious maruti car. When they reach the destination and got down, photographers flash more on the car than Ranbeer, the star.

Unfortunately when this ad was on air, till that time in reality Ranbeer's star value was less than his car. The ad is in English because the targeted audience was high end consumers. What both the stars are speaking within themselves was not dubbed again to give (might be) realistic touch. The dialogue by female artist has abbreviations normal people can’t understand, like ‘celebs’ ’valet’.. so large public was unable to attach with the ad. 

Use of the colour combination is absent in ad. The dressing sense is absent. It is not giving proper idea or technical knowledge about the product. Only female artist indicates something towards back seat… and camera moves there showing back seat…many house wives have taken this gesture as **** act. Actually she is asking him why he is driving being a ‘star’ but it has given impression that he can’t afford a driver.

The road is shown “Bandra-worli” sea link, and the car is having Haryana state number plate. Now public is having much information than director thinks. More than half of India’s population knows state wisevehicle numbering system, and the Sea-link is also popular. So the total ad is a mess. Actually when any couple reaches at any destination both of them gets down. But here a lady stays inside only. Then after a while she gets down, why? Don’t know! And a photographer insults her to leave the place. On large canvas people now don’t like male dominating or female hatred even in an ad. So it loses total impact on viewers mind.

This Maruti ad doesn’t add any brand value to Maruti. It is seen that whenever a woman or a girl child is presented respectfully, that product sales like hot cake. That’s the reason, even in male products house wife is shown respectfully, people enjoy it.

Now a days the purchasing decision maker is not a grown up ‘Father’, but  kids. A family is taking opinion of a ten year's kid also. So whenever a car ad is presented with family or with kids having mix emotions, the product sales fast.

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