Four Lakh-Prisoners-, a massive-workforce-to create-National Wealth

Jail system in India is as old as Indian civilization. From ancient times a person who breaks social rule was suppose to put in jail till final verdict is announced by the king or a justice appointed by the king. Then it was demand of a punishment to hand him till death or kill him under elephants foot or cut his hands or legs or to send him in Deep Back Hole known as “kalkothari” where   he has to be there till hid death.

Jail system is a need of human society, then people feel fear of getting punished, so they do not dare to break rules of society. Thus society runs peacefully..

Unfortunately in India, Jail and Jail system is neglected by rulers. India has Four Lakh Eleven Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Two (4, 11,992) total jails are only 1391. In which under trial prisoners are Two lakh Seventy Eight Thousand five hundred and four.

Maximum jails are built in British rule, or very old buildings like Forts are converted into Jail. No proper lighting, ventilation or sanitary system is provided in those buildings.

Within last few decades Indian population increased very fast. Some states in India developed very fast some states remain poor, so people migrated from one part of a country to another part. This gives rise in crimes. But no government has provided attention to increase number of jails.
Jail system, it is believed, gives chance to a person to think and re-think about himself and regret and penance (‘praayashchitt’) about his deeds or mistakes. But how many of our jails are providing environment for a person to penance.

Central government has to build modern jails with modern security systems. The jail staff must be adequate enough to handle increasing number of prisoners and prisoners under trial. It is not expected to give five star treatments to the prisoners but at least basic rules of Humanity must be followed.
‘Jail prisoners’ is a working force of nation. It’s an Industry. Unfortunately in India we are not using this working force properly. Imagine an industry where at least one lakh workers are available daily on very little wages. (Minimum wages act doesn’t apply here; this might be, not to attract unemployed people inside jail) But at the same time a prison can produce and earn money enough to pay Jail staff and food expenses supplied to prisoners.

From another point of view to build required jails and to maintain them may not cost much more to the government. Some small production activities are going on in our jails, no doubt, but imagine Four lakh workers industry, where at least one lakh workers are available anytime…

Since this work force stays inside industry, absent number is very less. (Many Factory owners will be happy by reading this as they face absentee problem and loss of working hours). Wages are very less… if consider productive capacity (imagine, no bonus or any other incentives.) Maximum workers are physically fit, as unfit workers are taken care by government employed Doctors. Since workers are not provided Mobile phones, they are focused on their work. They will do ‘overtime’ everyday because there is no entertainment or any family restrictions inside jail.

If a production capacity per person is considered as 200 Rs per day then multiply it by four lakh i.e. Eight crore Rs per day, that is 6,570 Crore Rs per year. Definitely this will at least pay staff salary and building maintenance of entire jail system, per year.

More jail buildings will increase direct employment in government jobs (as Jail administrative staff) indirect employment by supply of food, housekeeping, construction workers etc.
Can government think on this issue..? 

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