trap a girl on whatsapp- do't use this trick for sex

        trap a girl on whatsapp- do't use this trick for sex


Within last few months many girls came to me, who were facing depression problem. The complaint was against “whatsapp” or “facebook” friend…either a girl has lost her virginity (intercourse) to him, or lost money to him.. how did it happened?..Please read it carefully…

There are 60% fake ids on social networking sites. In which boys are making ids like girl. Then Indian girl find its comfortable to have friendship with ‘her’. Under the identity of woman, a ‘boy’ does brain washing and makes her ready to accept male friend. Then ‘he’ declares his identity.

Now a refreshed selfy is asked to upload. Here starts the brain game… then a girl is asked to send a selfy like any particular bollywood heroine. Then the poses are asked with little stylish posture (means expose more) suddenly semi nude posture is asked..

Now girl gets angry with her b.f. scolds her like anything. Boy friend starts, emotional black mail either he threats to finish his relationship or he makes her sure that every girl in this world is doing this... Girl thinks not to lose friendship and sends a pic. Or thinks too much and sends a pic…

She is trapped by a person. He starts actual blackmail and asks her to lay down (sexual activity) while doing so then again pic are taken secretly or video is taken. And a girl gets totally trapped not because she lost everything but she gets upset by knowing …her dreams have been broken..

If necessary she involves her mom. Mom asks a person to meet. Being a very good actor he meets. Mom gets confidence on him. Now with very sharp mind he asks for little money for business. He goes to another city.. keeps drama of money scarcity… asking to deposit some more money.. and then he flies in the universe..(Non traceable even by the police)

Thus a girl loses virginity, money and fells into shattered life..
Be aware while uploading your pic, selfy.  

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