Hijra-Gay-Kinnar-Chhakka-Third-Gender- eunuch-Shemale-What-are-they?

Hijra-Gay-Kinnar-Chhakka-Third-Gender- eunuch-Shemale-What-are-they?

Hijra, Gay, Kinnar, Chhakka, Third Gender eunuchShemale,… how they are born, What is their psychology, how do they live, are many questions in every one’s mind?

First of all they are Humans; we must look at them with humanity.

There are two kinds of ‘Third Gender’ personalities. First, by birth disorder in body, second is due to psychological reasons and upbringing.

Biologically there are two main genders, male and female. To decide gender XX, and XY genes from Mother and Father are very vital. Mother gives XX father gives XY.  Gender decision making is dependent on Father genes. If X is powerful a Girl child takes birth. If Y is powerful Boy child takes birth. At this time any X is chosen from Mother. If by chance it is XXY then it is a Gay Boy with girl features. If it is XYY then it is a lesbian girl.

Gay boy might have small genetic-organ, or a reproduction system in the body is absent. If he is having more feminine upbringing, then he may get trapped into “Gender Identity Disorder” In modern science with the help of surgery organs are changed, before that some hormonal injections are given to get shape of breast and long hair and smooth skin like girls, known as SRS (Sex Replacement Surgery)

Whenever there is a psychological disorder, then even with perfect body a male may get interested in other male or a girl may get interested in other girl.

First of all we must understand what is Psychological Order and Disorder. Every social group has its norms and rules to follow. There is no rule given by Nature to get married. Marriage is a human social system to keep society perfect. In marriage system it is mentioned that a male and a female should come together to produce children..or to enjoy sex…then what will happen if two male or two female decide to enjoy sex…according to nature… nothing. Only social unwritten rule says it is gay or lesbian.. hence not allowed to do so.

Third gender has more respect in London comparing to rest of the world. Third gender is present at every corner of the world, but no culture is free enough to accept them. London Parliament has 32 third gender MPs, which is the largest number in the world. In which, 13 belongs to labor party, 12 from conservative party, 6 from SNP, where conservative party had 42 candidates in election, even youngest MP is also a lesbian. Here we must appreciate that British are having guts to accept publicly whether he or she belongs to ‘third gender.’

Other cultures either hate third gender or ask to work as sex worker. Their life is next to hell. Many cultured families are having third gender in India also. BCCI supreme MR. Shriniwasan’s son Ashwin is gay, Director KaranJohar is gay (?), even he has made full length feature film on this subject named Dostana with Abhishek Bacchan and John Abraham, but he is in disguise. This is not 'the only' film on this topic, their are many.. One popular gay is Bobby, who acted in many films and participated in reality show called Big Boss. There is a big list not to get surprised.

Psychological third gender is because of sexual abuse in childhood or upbringing with girl children. Such kids got confused with their gender identity. Such mistaken identity then gets Sex reassignment surgery But even after SRS psychological problem remains as it is. Many times male dominating society uses them for money. The solution is psychological repair in such cases.

In North India, third gender is considered as immortals so invited on Child's birth and at marriage ceremony to bless, but they don’t have bigger status than beggars. On large platform government should reserve special kind of jobs for them. In limited companies also there must be special jobs for them. There must be a social movement for the acceptance of third gender. try to understand their problems with humanity.

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