How-to-become-Rich?Blogging power and power of affiliated marketing.


How-to-become-Rich? Is a question asked by every human since from the invention of money.
We will discuss today "…..where does money come from?"
         Before 1000 years A person who was having power of sword i.e. a King,was very rich.
              Before 500 years A person who was having big land i.e. Landlord was very rich.
                    Before 200 years A person who was having heavy industry i.e. Industrialist, was very rich

But in last 50 years A person who is using brain, (rather who works 'smartly') is rich. Just have look at first 50 richest people in the world? Who are they? They are not Kings, they are not landlords, they are not 'heavy industry' owners, they are guys who are using their brain at the maximum.

They are related with Information technology... Did you know that human brain has got developed in last 50 years only. Now living style of every human is becoming cosy and pleasant. Before forty years, health was also very poor, people were unable to make both ends meet. Houses were with poor conditions..transportation was through bullock carts or later on bicycle. 

After the invention of microchip, humans got its brain's extension.
Till date to earn money, everyone was dependent on 'Job' Did you know that 90% of the population is earning money by doing 'job' 5% of population have taken special education to become professionals, like Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Barristers, 3% people are Heavy Industry owners, 2% people are into I.T. sector.
Ironically enough distribution of wealth is in inverse proportion. 
2% IT population is enjoying 90% of the wealth on this earth-filthy-rich-. 3% Industrialists are enjoying 5% wealth on this earth, 5% professionals are having 3% wealth on this earth, 90% people who are doing Job under somebody are struggling within 2% of the wealth.
Let me repeat... 90% of the population is struggling within 2% of the total wealth on this globe.              
Carl Marx has suggested some ways to distribute wealth by socialism. But the model fail in every country who accepted 'socialism.' Naxlites and militants kill humans to distribute wealth, but they are failing....

The only way to transfer yourself from 90% struggler to 2% successful people is 'the best use of the brain', related to information technology. For this, you need one laptop or PC, and a net connection... and now you can be 'the rich'.

Since Job market is related to formal education, we were suppose to waste our average 20 years time in schools and colleges to earn graduation degree. Then there was no guarantee of success. The term we use as success is related with ownership of four wheeler and a 600+ sq flat that’s it! That is not success…look at total GDP of the nation. In big cities its very easy to get loan…and then we live life on instalments… yes, if you own helicopter or an aeroplane…then it can be measured as success.. if you are having worth 10 crores property earned by you and have some 100 crores worth as investments….then it can be measured as success. So rule no one, set very big target beyond imagination….

Within last fifteen years due to globalization and blast of net information, many multilevel  marketing (MLM) companies entered in Indian Market. The good part was the training given by them. The worst part was, those companies were either fraud or given only big dreams but not practical work. 

Any ways we are not discussing MLM and its modus operandi. I mention this subject because whenever there is a discussion about earning big money people start to think 'Is he going to present some hidden MLM plan or what? No I am not. Today I am going to share one secret with you, that is to earn money from Google Adsence, and likewise other companies. There is a new generation coming up as a blogger… people have seen Blogging power and power of affiliated marketing.

But beware of those companies. You are helpless while getting payments from these companies. They may close your account for no reason. There is no law on this earth to protect ‘bloggers’ interest.

There are many companies than Google to pay you better. This business can be developed in leisure time. When family members are enjoying TV you develop your business, when others do flirting with fake ID’s on social networking websites you develop your business. It takes some 6 months time to start actual income from it.

This is about reading too much ‘net material’ and with own thought procedure create something that is your own. You can get the inspiration from any one but please do not copy any one. Not for copyright sake but, you can not survive long by coping others. You should not be an author, you should not be very good with spellings and grammar of English.

Now, how to earn money out of it is very important….  
It is the easy way to earn money comparing to other works.

1.       You must be passionate to read and write something and anything…
2.       You should not have ‘middle class’ mentality…What do I mean by that?   Middle class people hate to see advertisement. Middle class people can’t see others are growing. You have to improve your mentality.
3.       To prove that you are above middle class mentality, first, un install “ad-block ” or something like this ad blockers from your chrome or firefox or any browser.
4.       If you block others then how can ‘you’ expect that people will click on your ads.
5.       While reading blog or any informative service, click on the ads.
6.       Make this habit to click on the ads appearing while watching any website.
7.       After any like or any good response by others to your work, thank that person first. There is lot of strength in ‘Thanks’
8.       Give good comments to others always. Don’t be miser while passing on good comments.
9.       Always click on first paid service tab, while searching on any ‘Search Engine’.
10.   It has been seen that people frightened to click on paid tabs. Be fearless.
11.   Use ‘settings’ effectively in your browser.
12.   Do above practice for at least 3 months.
13.   Now start to write blog, publish it on Blogspot, or wordpress or any where.
14.   Keep in mind, not to hide personal information while uploading your profile to social networking services, later on it gets difficult to prove your identity to get payment from Google.
15.   Search engines always connect with each other and share information. If you have number of different information in many profiles , this may create bad impression.
16.   Original is the best. Don’t copy others material.
17.   If you cant write, then write your biographical diary, with minute details, but put it in interesting manner.
18.   Decide your style. There are very less people who are versatile, who can write on many subject.
19.   If it is personal experience, business story, family matter what ever is the thing, there is an audience for you.
20.   These are psychological preparations…

For technical coding when you open account in Adsence or any other agency get the code from it and put it in your blog as well as website (HTML page)own by you. Then ads may start to display on your page. Keep it in mind never click ads yourself on your page. Adsence is very rude and strict to ban your account immediately. They are heartless. Even if it is by mistake by chance they won’t listen you. There is no guideline or law to protect your interest, you are intellectual beggar living on ‘their’ mercy. So do never believe on such paying agencies.

Actually these agencies are paying you because you are developing advertisement portal for them. By investing hours and hours and best time of your life you create a portal, but they can ban you any time. Please remember Adsence does not recognize you as a customer for particular ad displaying on your portal. You can not see ads even with curiosity. You can not purchase anything from your page, you can not even ask others to click from your PC or laptop to see ads. You can not log in any website through ad. You have to shut all your open accounts even email also, then open other website, using its URL name. Or Google robot 'think' you are a culprit.  

Like MLM companies these 'big' paying companies are also going to close within next seven to ten years. There is always problem of money collection from advertisers and through stock market. Google is doing a big mistake, by banning thousands of accounts daily people get diverted to other agencies with frustration.

Google is creating competition for itself. Indian talented and ambitious youngsters have now understood this business. As I believe within next three years there will be more than 5000 companies in pay per click business. There will be thousands of search engines from India itself.

Maximum technocrats working in Microsoft, Google, Yahoo are Indians. The next generation will not serve them as intellectual slaves but they will have their own establishments. Larry Page, Mark Zakerburg, Bill Gates have set their own example to start business at young stage with minimum investment and changed the world.

In this article, How to become rich, I am indicating to bloggers, not to earn  money only from Ad agencies, like beggars, but think to create own portal to pay others. Think to create own search engines…look at those boys…when they started Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Alibaba, whatsapp they were from middleclass families…

Every human is having capacity to change the world Come on Take The Challenge…say to yourself.. Entrepreneur is born!  pls visit

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