Many Website Design Developers think that website popularity is dependent on Beauty of the website.
Many website owners think that website popularity is dependent on 'Luck', some religious people think website popularity is 'Gods' gift.
But the fact is website popularity is through scientific and proper SEO

What is SEO?
It is Search Engine Optimization. What is search engine? Google, Bing, Yahoo etc are search engines, where we search information by pressing key words in it.

To find out best Key words you have to have google account. then visit google adwords and get yourself keyword planner. Find out popular keywords for your business and Website.


E-commerce website must have proper SEO.

Then only you can earn huge money. Here are some tips for proper SEO.

All the Website designers must keep it in mind that even SEO is part of designing. You have to add Meta name="keywords"content=" " , and meta name ="description"content="  "

 Study your competitors keywords, and keep them for you also. Many software testing and software design websites are many times use videos or images to explain their work. Unfortunately no search engine can read any video or image. Images has to give proper alt link, with description. For example Search engine can not see and recognize michael jackson's photo so you have to mention it like this src="img1.jpg"alt="michael jackson"

 Please do no upload videos on your website. It will occupy much more space and may take several minutes to load, and it is painful to keep users waiting.

 Then ever you wonder how You Tube works so fast? The secret is keep only first screen shot of first frame. Did not understood..  what is screen shot? Ok fine keep an image at your video box. 

And give its link to the video kept at your server separately. Now the user is ready to wait till loading and he can go through your other valuable information. 

You can keep your video on you tube also. So that it can be uploaded if it is asked by particular user. 

While doing SEO use maximum words to describe your services. Use plenty of underlines and Bold texts,while describing your services keep keywords in between so intelligently that humans can also enjoy your content. Never try to deceive Search Engine by repeating only keywords for many times. 

Search engines are very smart they will black list you immediately. To show traffic to search engine never try to click your own website for hundreds of time from your PC. Because Search engine identifies every PC and remember its hitting to particular page. 

Your site may be black listed. 

While writing content you can give good links of other websites. It is also calculated by Search engines. But do not try to act over smart, by exchanging web-link among friends and click it unnatural way. This is known as link farming.

 Link farming is banned at every search engine. 

Keep watch on the back links. Means which are those websites users use to find out your web. Be aware that your competitors may use pornographic websites or banned website to link you. If find so immediately block those links. It is so because Search engine follow ethical values also, since it is designed by humans. 

All above points are for the organic search. Means the natural way to popularize your website.Typical middle class hardworking nature.All these are the tips only. 

You have to hire professional services for SEO. Above all if you are having huge budget to spend for, go for the advertisement, buy high rated keywords and go for it. Rich people can buy anything to come ahead.

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