how to make 20th century fox logo, 20century fox logo free download

how to make 20th century fox logo, 20century fox logo free download

Every 3Ds MAX learner is asked to make logo in his institute. and '20th-century-fox' is a popular 3D logo. You can make this logo or download OBJ file given by lighthouse-studio.

You can download zip file from link given below.

(Take care while downloading,-in any website-don't click on big "download" tabs, it might be ads or unwanted files to download. Simply keep your cursor on the tab and you will find, down side corner of  a left hand, a small strip and description what it contents in the link. Take cursor on 'Free download' and you may read in downside displaying tab 20th-century-fox-logo' then down load.)

(in future if you want to upload any zip file you can use following site)

Remember you can not use '20th-century-fox logo' as if it is your logo,for your business.This is only for educational purpose... So be brave and you can make this logo also. No doubt it is intellectual property of '20th-century-fox-corporation'. (As I believe any new learner will never try to use this logo for business purpose.)

Remember, ' 20th-century-fox, is a very big organization,very very big organization  If you make '20th-century-fox' logo and asked public to watch it, '20th-century-fox' do not have any problem, because ultimately it is their advertisement only. You have to explain that you are making this logo as school project.

I will give you another example, if any one sings any popular song in school gathering or in orchestra for he getting sue or claimed for royalty, by that original singer, music director, or the producer? No. because it is actually 'songs' advertisement. But obviously you can not make Music Album of it and make money..OK ....But let me tell you, its really fun to make this logo.

First download the original logo watch it carefully. Take material  and the background in jpg image . Then make the pedestal with boxes. Since you are a beginner you might not be fluent on modelling with single plane. If you have two computer systems, keep one system always connected with net.

While working in Max it is not necessary to remember all keys. So keep open Google. Whenever you feel stuck, ask to Google. It will produce immediate tutorial for you. Follow the tutorial. Don't keep technical garbage (information ) in your brain. Take help of Google. Use your brain for creativity.

If you don't have two systems, first take down many many tutorials on 3DMax. save all videos on your desktop.Then refer it as you need it. Don't keep net connected to your pc while working on 3D MAX. Because many times your 3D MAX software is not original, it is crack version. So net connection creates problem with its keygen so corrupts file. If you have original licensed version then again it is advised to work offline. Because hackers may be interested in your work.

20th-century-fox logo is one of the few logos made manually. This logo is still watched again and again.In 1933 it was designed by 'Emil Kosa Jr.' Every student who is learning 3D animated Logo must remember and salute him, for such a wonderful work given to us. There is a power in 'Thanks Giving'

how to make 20th century fox logo, 20century fox logo free download This project is in demand from all over the world. So i have kept it to download on above link. This project if you want to design, design it with maximum details. For this you need patience to get many details. It is tough to design and position light focus. And then of course camera movement. The font is very old, its not free available on net. So design old type of 2 and zero also, Many student can not find 2, then it is not close to original logo . background image also very important, so while choosing background, try to keep close with original one. You will find many images, if you type 2oth century fox logo background. Then select a music. and go ahead. This rendering will take 2 to 3 days time. If you are a beginner. Means if you have designed with the help of solid objects. Best of luck.

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