This is a simple trick for beginners. The magic word is 'Flipbook'. Flipbook was developed before invention of camera. The pictures were drawn with little difference with movements. And when pages moved fast, our eyes can see picture with actual movement. Before digital cameras, to shoot videos, 21 photos per second were taken, then on projector it was run with constant speed then we were able to see the movement.

Dogs, cats insects can not watch movies with old type technology, because their eyes has reflection more than human eyes, means, they can see one thousand pictures in a second. (A home fly or can see 3000 pictures per second. So we rarely can bit a fly.) They see our movies in very slow motion.. Anyway insted of taking many photo by camera, animators were used to draw pictures by hand. 

You have to draw thousands of picture to make 3 Minute scene. Which is very time consuming. 

This technique was actually used by walt disney, for his animations. The same Technique can be used here. But the question is, where you will get such pictures, the answer is type "Flipbook". In any search engine you will get as many as pictures.

Then take every pic in Photpshop. Draw and duplicate pictures, add your colours, add background as per your imagination. Export it for Flash. Make the animation. Add some music and enjoy your first creation..Like it? Then tell me! Ask me, if you have any difficulty, here or mail me  

If above video is taking time to load then please Watch my video here on (you tube) A girl Walking with dog

 I have put one more picture for your ready reference..make your of luck..

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