How to-uninstall-software-program-from-pc

How to-uninstall-software-program-from-pc

Many times when we download any software it comes with other attached unwanted software which is irritating. How to-uninstall-software-program-from-pc-is-a-tutorial-to-follow.

Unwanted software is actually a bug or virus. And now you might be not in mood to format your system.

These software type viruses may hack your system. The feeling of ‘somebody is watching’ is really disturbing. May be we are not big business house which has Billion dollars information in our system still we get disturb. 

Here are some tips to uninstall software-program.

There are some easy steps you might have followed but the suspense in story keeps till end. 

Read this tutorial till end, you will get the solution….Don’t forget to thank me, dude
1)      Click on start > control panel > Programs> uninstall program (then Select program by left click, then right click on it immediately. You will get uninstalling instructions.
2)      Click on computer > local disc C > Program files (or program files 86)  then select program to uninstall then follow instructions.
3)      Click on computer > local disc C > user > Admin > my documents then select program to uninstall
4)      Click on computer > local disc C > user > public > public documents then select program to uninstall
5)      Click on start > all program > select a program by left click > immediately right click on it then delete it
You may have did all above tricks but still a particular program is not getting uninstalled..
6)      Click on this link- “RevoUninstaller Pro” Then go for 'Quick uninstall' now wait…. Got it !

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