women brassier and nicker- who make and wear it first? A study

women brassier and nicker- who make and wear it first? A study

In undergarment history of India, we found that since from 1500 BC Indian male were using long strip under dhoti. That was known as Langot, (Loincloth). Many poor people were unable to afford dhoti then they were using only langot (loincloth), Langot cover front part only and hips were open.

For many centuries large number of male population of India was roaming half naked.

Indian women covered upper part of the body by large strip called Kanchuki. In the mid of seventeenth century Choli was introduced. It was stitched fabric without zip or buttons, has to have tightened by a knot. Many communities from many parts of India did not allowed women to wear choli (till date).

After the wide acceptance of six meter sari, skirt type cloth called Ghaghara was compulsion under it. Because nine meter sari has given total freedom to tight around the body but six meter sari was suppose to hold by inside skirt called ghagra. Under wear (or it is known as nicker in London) was introduced then brassier.

Ladies underwear is having v shape at the back, because obviously they are having large hips than gents.

Till the mid of twentieth century women were roaming without brassieres.

There is a confusion regarding sizes and shapes of the brassier.

Indian woman wears wrong size brassiere. Wrong size may cause breast cancer or severe pain in breast and in the back. The bra size is having of cylindrical size and cups.  Breast cup size varies from woman to woman.

A grown up woman cup size changes more than five times in her life. First, at the age of fourteen, second, when she guests pregnant. Third when she delivers a child. Fourth, at the age of forty. Fifth, after sixty plus.

But many women do not wish to change the size which they got at the age of 16. The basic problem with bra design is, it is designed according to European women body structure. If we compare body structure of European woman with Indian woman, there is lot of difference. Indian woman has heavy fatty cup, than European’s. Indian woman has large portion down the belly comparing to European. Total average size of Indian woman from front to back is 30% more than European woman.

(The measurement front to back means, if the top view is taken then the point will start at breast nipple and it will end at the end of buttocks) European woman is heighten than Indian woman. Indian woman is heavy than European’s. Indian women are wider than Europeans. It is also seen that average Indian mom carries more milk than European mom, on her breast.

Indian woman body structure shows various changes in figure size in her life.

Correct size of the bra is dependent on the Cup size, because it is not adjustable. The cylindrical size known as 'rib cage' size, adjustable. Upper lift is also adjustable. then how to measure correct cup size. It is tricky but simple. Remove all upper clothes. Stand up straight. Then bend forward in 90 degrees your boobs will be free towards ground. Now measure the size around from back to nipples. This is the real size of your cup area. Many times ladies measure it in standing position then they found bulges around after wearing bra.

Wrong size bra may not be flat at "gore", middle part of chest within boobs. Bra must fit correctly between the boobs. But women mistakenly select small size then at middle the bra gets lift up. Another mistaken size is the arm-side boob creates bulges. 

Why we have to measure cup size like this? The reason is we are mammals. All the mammals female are having 'Milk carriage' system pointing towards ground. If it is so, then the gravity works on it so there is less pressure on the Rib cage mussels and system to hold it up. Each boob weight is 200 grams to 750 grams (average)

 Myth about bra is it helps body to strengthen breast muscles to look young. Actually breast does not have any kind of muscles inside. It is having only fats and bunch of cells to produce milk (milk ducts.)

 Bra was introduced in Indian market at around 1950. And after 1985 it was popular.

There are daily use bra, honeymoon bra,T-shirt bra. strippers bra, bar-girl bra etc.
Honeymoon bra is having radium which shines in dim light. T-shirt bra is having soft material so the lines and hooks can not be seen on T-shirt. Strippers or bar-girl bra is having LED and disco lighting.

Another bra is topless bra, to wear clothes open near shoulders.Some bra is of plastic gel to stick on boobs. Medical bra is designed for breast cancer patients, after the surgery. Bikini bra holds only nipple part with very small strips holding around body. Which is actually a fashion garment. Sports bra (or air bra)is not having metal hooks, but only stretchable soft cloth.

Human under garment plays major role in sexual activity. There are some guys who do not use undergarments, known as 'commando'. Let’s write on this subject some other time.

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