joke-a funny story

I was traveling in the interiors of Madhya Pradesh. Since the only way to travel was public bus i had no choice. i was waiting for bus for three hours at last bus came with too much rush inside and on the top also. i manage myself to board inside. i found many people are carrying their luggage. Luggage occupied more space. A fat woman, might be in her late fourtees, standing next to me was trying to find some place to sit.
in passage one luggage was looking like a desk to sit upon. With great effort she moved towards the luggage with desi gaalis to people in between. An age old person was sitting next to the luggage, might be the owner... she asked him..
"dadaaji, can I sit on this?" the age old man replied, "no, watermelons may get crushed".. this fat lady replied "oh, it contain watermelons?" old man replied calmly..."no it has nails inside..."


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