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Every woman, after her first issue or after the age of thirty five, starts pains in her back, waist and knees. It’s very interesting to know its reasons.

First we will see reasons behind ‘woman back’ pain. Humans are mammals, all mammals walk on four legs but humans use two legs to balance body.

During puberty a human female has to carry breast weight up to 50 grams each. Then during pregnancy breast weight starts to increase goes up to 500 grams to 750 grams per breast, which she has to carry then for lifetime.

Unfortunately breasts have no muscles for self support. It has only milk cells and fats. Back muscles are used to hold this weight. Since this one kg or one and half kg weight is supposed to fall down due to gravity, back muscles gets stretched.

During pregnancy four leg mammals female can balance increasing weight in womb easily. But this is not with human female; she has extra stretch on her waist. A mother has to feed life in womb so her body creates extra weight and fats, which unfortunately then saturates on breast, waist, hips..
After the delivery she has to feed her child. When a child is small mom has more milk to feed. As child grows, gets power in mouth muscles, inversely moms gets less milk in her breast. Then child tries to suck with force, stretches back muscles, and hence results into back pain.
After delivery or after the age of thirty five woman bones becomes more porous and weak. A male bone gets weaker after the age of fifty five.

During delivery woman bones gets detached from each other to deliver a child up to twelve to fourteen inches, where it was only two to three inches wide. While labor pains her L1, L2, L3, L4 ----------gets permanently damaged, results into continues pain.

Pain in knees has three reasons, first is due to nature, second is due to lifestyle, and third is due to daughter in law.

Woman has lumbar part bigger than male, to carry child. When she is at the age of fourteen her paw size stops increasing in size. Now the foot ware size is fixed for her for rest of the life. Then even if she gains weight up to hundred kgs her paw remains at fix size; rule of moment of inertia applies and she stars pains in knees. If we compare male paw size, it increases with body weight, so they have less knee problems.

Second reason is with modular kitchen. A scientist who changed human life style is Harmon Miller, who designed modern furniture including revolving chair. Till then Indian women were using Chula and burning wood to prepare food. She used to sit on ground for washing utensils, cutting washing food, actually cooking then serving food was four hours activity performed by sitting on ground.
Keep in mind human is a sitting animal; it cannot stand like horse or ox.

Within last thirty years, cooking gas and modular kitchen became integral part of modern living. And we made two mistakes. First, we asked Indian woman to stand in kitchen, still our food habits are two hundred years old. Americans used to cook food for few minutes in microwave oven. Indian woman cook food for four hours. Indian kitchen also has microwave oven but it is only used for roasting Papad. An average woman stands in kitchen at five thirty in morning till twelve o clock, then she has to make bedroom, kids room, hall in proper order which goes on up to 2 pm. Then she takes lunch and rests till 4 pm. Again she stands in kitchen up to 11.30 pm in night. 8.5+ 7.5= 16 hours daily. An average woman runs in her 600 sq feet house around 19 kilometers in those 16 hours. Then she has to ‘satisfy’ husband also, makes her to sleep around 1 in night..And alarm rings at 5 am…..

If anyone has daily routine to stand for 16 hours continuously without any holiday, and to walk around 19 kilometers, for at least 25 to 30 years what will happen to the knees?  
Now we will come to the technical part, height of the kitchen platform is 30 inches…who decided this? No Indian architect is studying this; we are blindly following what western scientist did for them… A science to design furniture (considering human body) is known as ‘Ergonomics’. For this, samples of thousands of humans are taken and an average was decided that is height of a chair must be 17 inches from floor, depth of a chair must be 18 inches, arms must be at 9 inches etc. for this sample of European race population was taken, where average height of a male is 6 feet female is 5.6 feet. So they have comfortable kitchen platform of 30 inches in height. Where they have gas stove embedded inside the platform. 
Let’s come to Indian people. Indian male has average height of 5.6 feet; female has 5 feet average height, so while working on 30 inch platform their shoulders are in air.

 There are four kinds of races in the world- European, Asian, Mongolian (Japanese, Chinese) and Negro. Mongolian males are 5 feet in average, female at 4.5 feet in average. African Negroes male are 4.5 feet in average female at 4 feet in average. American Negroes male are 6.5 feet and female are 6 feet in height.) 
Indian kitchens have gas stove which has 6 inch height and roti-making round stand also has 3 inch height. If a woman is below average height, she will definitely have damaged knees.
While making platform no mother, or wife or sister is called up to measure platform height according to her, since she has to work on it.. Surprising, isn't it?

Again she has to bend forward while washing cooking or other preparations. This bend is at back and at knees. Now continues wrong posture gives pains in back and knees. American woman has one more thing in her kitchen, i.e. height adjustable stool. If you try to give it to Indian woman she will laugh at you….

Third reason is, socio-psychological. When son gets married daughter-in-law enters in kitchen. For last thirty years a lady called mom has demarked her kingdom known as kitchen. Even her husband and grown up boys are not allowed to enter in side. She serves everything to them in hall or bedroom. Now new lady enters inside her kingdom. Everyone says now, ’you get retired from kitchen work and rest a while’. But from inside she feels unsecured. Nature has given a quality to every female, that by default she will not tolerate another woman.

New dulhan (bride groom) is a center of attraction for everyone. Now female ‘in’ mother-in-law gets disturb, and to attract her son, husband or other family members she starts complaining about knee pain. Such patient visits doctor then, every report is nil. Then this lady says, ‘doctor has lost his sense, he is wrong I am paining’… many times it is seen that such ladies even go for knee replacement surgery also… why? …Only to fetch attention of others. This might not be the case every time, but consider this factor also.
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