Most-controversial-ad-till-date-AMUL-MACHO मा चो -means f**king some one else's Mom if ad D


Screening of this ad was stopped by state government of Maharashtra at that time.Controversy started from the name itself. General public knows only few frequently used English words. Where In general vocabulary, word ‘macho’ is not included
‘macho’ means a man who is aggressively proud of his masculinity.
It is really poetic and artistic noun.

In general the word MACHO is not popular. If any one applies ‘D’ at the end of this word, it is big abuse in Hindi (मा चो द).( means f**king some one else's Mom ) This word is a part of rural linguistic communication, not as an abuse, but as an ‘adult’ exclamation...(for example, 'bhenchod' ( भें चो द)should not be abuse all the times, it might be expression of friendly love...)
This ad has really beautiful concept. It is executed with beautiful expressions. This ad has no vulgarity. All the models are in full cloth, they do not have any double meaning dialogue, there is no sexual shoot-(like what we can see in 2015 in many condom or body spray ads) Still in that era it created controversy, many ladies came on road to oppose the screening, many NGO s appealed state government, to stop the ad.

Surprisingly, no police case was against it, no FIR registered against it. No one was able to prove, that this ad is bad….

The psychological reason is within the ad only. It starts with a river bay shoot showing woman kingdom, a typical scene from any Indian village. Some teens are bathing inside river (again with full cloths) Some are washing clothes, some are fetching water, a typical morning…And a newly married, very charming lady is entered on the ‘ghat’ 

An age old ‘mother in law type’ woman is looking at her with sceptical eyes.. two middle aged women also pass some looks at her. Every woman is expecting, ‘fatigue’ of honeymoon night from dulhan .....(a bride  is called as Dulhan in India but she is called as Dulhan until and unless she has her first issue.)

......But very sharply Dulhan throws her bunch of clothes on the ground, this starts to represent ‘what might have been happened at night’ and she shows her man's ‘Underwear’ suggests..HE  is MACHO a masculine man.

And two middle aged got jealous and surprised, all the expressions to be noted. Meanwhile old lady chew pan in such a way  to show ‘dulhan’ she might have been crushed by her hubby..   (lead role by sana khan)

Further ‘dulhan’ stretches elastic of Macho underwear..makes two of them very jealous, that this ‘dulhan’ has enjoyed all the activities on bed.

Then it’s a distant shot, dulhan sits down with proud; keeping back curves out with more grace. With meaning full looks she starts to apply soap on the cloth, representing how she was rubbed by her partner, then even a teen age inexperienced girl understands its meaning and smiles with herself. Then ‘dulhan’ starts washing ‘strokes’, very gracefully executed by the actress..with movement of her shoulder...

One of the matured woman gulps tongue inside, with expressions… is that so?…both the matured women got so involved with the story that when Dulhan starts to hit cloth with a small wooden bat (a small wooden cricket bat like thing is used in India for thousands of years to wash cloths) they got total idea how wild was the last night activity.

Then cleaning, rinsing everything follows with one meaning. When ‘she’ gets tired, her breathing is fast, shows Amul Macho, with proud. wow!

Why NGO group of women got angry on this ad because they all were “middle aged” or “old” women. A mass psychological effect was on these women also. They found themselves disturbed as shown in the ad .

All women against it were aged between forty to sixty.

I haven’t seen such a-beautiful-controversial-ad-in-India. Please visit  

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