Is Reiki Grandmaster a Fake degree?

Is Reiki Grandmaster a Fake degree?

According to Dr. Mikao Usui's life story, he has not, he has never given any Master's, or Grand Master degree to any one.
 He has never developed any syllabus for teaching Reiki. He simply asked people to rediscover this cosmic energy within themselves. He never made business of Reiki.

Then from where Master, Grand Master of Reiki came from? Those are the business gimmicks  of Mrs.Hawayo_Takata. She has made reiki, a Business.

Howayo Takata

If you visit at Japan the "original trust-Foundation" developed by Dr. Usui, you will get this information. That he has never accepted Christianity, he was never a priest. Then who and how poisoned Reiki's history. That is Mrs Howayo followers.

She was a very successful business woman who converted Reiki into business. Let us ask our self some questions, and try to collect historical answers..

Dr. Usui has discovered Reiki around 1920. Before that and after that also he was a Buddhist personality. He studied kamalsuttayan in Tripitakas (a sacred book of Buddhism.) in that era, Japan, China, Ceylon, Thailand were 100% Buddhist countries. There is no question of accepting Christianity.

Yes he studied the Holy Bible. Because he got inspired by new testament, where he found, Jesus Christ heal people. There is no evidence, even on his tomb, about his Christianity.It was the business gimmick by Howayo.

She was suppose to earn money by selling Reiki in USA. Because that was the time when Worlds economy was collapsed. People were unable to survive, and were expecting something 'Supernatural' power to save them. And by chance she got Reiki from Japan. But now the problem was,hatred of Americans against Japanese people.(which was seen by whole world on 6th  & 9th Aug 1945  Hiroshima-Nagasaki bombing) So she started to declare that Dr. Usui was a priest, and working for Christian missionary.

The fact was different. Reiki is actually Japanese name of Kundalini Shakti, which speak about seven chakras. To activate Kundalini Hinduism asks for 21 days fasting, exactly did by Dr. Usui. many scholars believe that he got knowledge from Hindu Yogis and Sanskrit scripts to get this power. Because whenever it is Reiki, it is related with chakras.

When she started selling Reiki, she designed a syllabus. Dr. Usui told the whole world that nature has created us with pre-loaded software (i.e. Cosmic Energy,Reiki)  only one has to understand art to operate it. Now Howayo was suppose to earn money. So she developed syllabus. She started level I, level II, level III, Master and Grand Master levels. 
(Unfortunately Original foundation is facing financial and management problems, these points were available at their website before few years, but now I can not see their website also)

Now the misinterpretation started. Since she was a business woman she marketed it powerfully. People forgot the teachings by Dr.Usui, they stared to believe in Howayo. She started telling people that level I will give 20% energy, level II will give 40% etc etc...ironically enough Reiki is a cosmic energy like Sun or Air.

She put another myth about symbols. she created a mess on the originality of the symbols, then another business started of selling 'Pure'(?) symbols. Whatever you are having is you have to purchase Pure symbol...what the hell it is...if you think you have pure symbols you should make it available at very little price.I have seen So Called Masters selling those symbols for half a million dollars....

Learning charges for Level I is for $10. Level II is for $25, level III is for $100 , masters degree is for $300, Grand Master degree is for $1000 to $4000, symbols are also available from 100 to half a million dollar. Ok. I do not object on any one's business. But answer me, What a Grand Master is doing? He can heal anyone and he can teach anyone. Ok Fine. If I teach any one in $60  he is  able to heal any one, he is able to teach any one, I do not teach anyone as level I,II,IIi etc. I am telling people that there is no difference between your energy and so called grand masters energy. My students also can heal any one or teach any one as powerfully as any Grand Master can!

At one stage it is told that this is cosmic energy like Sun then is it possible that this energy is reading symbol...? I belong to Hindu culture, we believe that whole universe is created from OM. then I am asking, why my OM is not there? the point I want to make is, Cosmic energy is a Cosmic energy, it can not read Japanese, Hindi or English language. Please don't pay for any symbol for its purity. Howayo followers deliberately created mess within people so that they should fight between themselves.... now open your eyes.

I have seen many fake 'Reiki-Foundations' in India, presenting itself as messengers of God, I have seen many Books about Reiki, where it is interpreted in such a way, as if Reiki is 'invented' by the book author.I feel sad, when I find no picture or a singlw word about Dr. Usui.
I have seen 'foundations' selling crystals, energy balls and many things.... pure business... If you have activated Cosmic energy..then why again you need those extra things...are'nt they acting like 'modern pakhandi babas(two face personality)'? Beware....

We will come to the subject again, how and why whole world forget original teachings of Dr. Usui, and started to feel that Reiki means Howayo teachings....The reasons are in Perestroika and Glasnost  a political movement started by Mikhail Gorbachev  from 1985 to 1991.
USSR or Russia was no more super power after cold war, till that date USA and Russia were fighting for supremacy of the world, after world war II. After  Perestroika and GlasnostUSSR was on back foot and USA emerge as a single super power. Then whole world was mad for USA, it was the land considered next to paradise (at that time). Its films, music, garment fashions, hair styles, language and every teaching was followed by everyone, blindly. This was westernization of whole world. 

In that era Reiki came from USA to India, not as a knowledge but as a 'business module' given by Howayo. If it were from Japan, history might be different.

Though Japan,China were nearer to India, political and social relations were not good with them.India had good political and migration relations with USA, and GULF countries. (So maximum people got migrated for business to USA and GULF in that era.)

Apart from business there were many changes in Reiki treatment. Dr.Usui, insisted on understanding patient with human aspect. He insisted on counseling (speaking with patient to develop confidence and faith in Reiki) Howayo teachers started false promises to attract patients. Then very soon this pure science of Cosmic energy got unpopular and people lost faith in it. This is because Howayo, business module. 

I came across many Masters, who are practicing for many decades but not experienced vibrations of Reiki. Then, when I put my palms on their head they start to experience some vibrations flowing through their body. At next movement they feel relaxed then they reach into alpha or Trance level. After the session their stress level is zero. The feeling of happiness increases. And they got healed.

We will discuss in next chapter what is healing, does it exists or not?

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