Did you know that "Reiki-healing-increases-sex-power-&-orgasm".. If any one studies reiki in real manner he will be able to understand what do I mean by that. A great person called Chandra mohan Jain popularly known as Osho has actually discovered this, but end up with controversies. 
Reiki flows from those skin parts where hairs are not available (to create porous skin,so the skin texture is different here). Those parts are Palm(front of hand), Paw(downside of legs), Lips and upper part of penis (when skin is stretched back)  i.e. erection position.

These all organs got heated during sexual activity. So it was defined by Rajnish (Osho) as Sambhog Se Samadhi tak  unfortunately people were unable to understand it. They took (in 1978 to 1985) as pornographic because of the magical word "Sambhog"..

Beautiful thing is that in this book Osho 'speaks' (yes, he never wrote any book, he was giving only pravachans and it was written by his followers.) nothing about 'pornography' but about peace of mind and mental health. But he was the man with courage to speak about 'Sambhog'. Indians believe  'Sambhog' is a subject to perform, not to discuss or speak. Due to this we produce much more children on this earth. There is more pornographic websites from India than U.S. Sex industry in India is 5 Crore Crore (5,0000000,00000000). Maximum condoms are sold in India at Saturday night and Sun-DAY. ok, come to the subject again..

It is mentioned in 'shaastra's' (sacred scripture.) that we are having Seven chakras in our body. First chakra i.e. Muladhar chakra is having following location; if you take selfy under penis or vagina till _anus you will be able to see a thin line, at the middle of that line Basic chakra is located. which is having 3.5 times more power than any other chakra. It is also known as "Kundalini shakti', but i will not discuss bout Kundalini also. I know readers are eager to know 

First of all you must know Reiki, from any guru, it must have been activated in your body. If not so, get activated,(there are on line course from me also).

Then activate it in your palms. Now keep palms on your Penis. Reiki can flow through cloths also, dont worry. Now you have to do this during a day, while working in office, while watching TV. Your action should be so natural, that no one could mark it out. Behave normal even if you feel exteem sexual desire increased within your body. Beware..Warning, this experiment is only for those men and women who have partners to have sex, or do not do it.

Now you will start to feel heat around your penis or vagina area, some times heat is experienced around full body.
Both the palms should keep into action when ever giving energy to your penis or vagina.
A man can give energy by putting his palm on his partners vagina so that after the sex she will reach to the maximum orgasm. When Reiki starts to flow from your body your partner starts to feel on the top of the heaven. A middle finger when inserted deep in vagina folded little upwards, you will find a swelling spot, now start to give energy to it, and see the magic. A lady can not control herself she will scream, cry, will become aggressive she may be unconscious (If played correctly by male)

This was exactly done by Osho.. Female or male also go through four gati (speed)

First Pipilika, (Meaning; ants....a small current starts to flow from your blood, that is the start of fore play)

Second Bhujang (Meaning; will find your and partner's body is twisting like snakes with each others, a sweat like oily thing starts to flow a little from skin which has very different aroma and smooth feeling)

Third Manduk (Meaning Frogs...The actual stroking position is like frog jumps, where maximum energy is consumed)

Fourth Vihang (Meaning; eagle,when fly on the clouds spreads his wings and feels a calmness.)
Here after Vihang position you will find deep samadhi wonderful peace of mind.
Normally people don't understand so they call it as sleep.

The question is, how much time will it takes to increase sexual power? actually it depends on every performer. Some may get result, some may get result in a week. some may not get result at all, if they don't believe in reiki or take reki, kundalini shakti as fake. This happens with medical science also. If any doctor is famous for wrong treatment, and even if he gives you right treatment, still you may not feel good.

Any ways please remember don't try to increase length of your penis, or don't be unhappy with small length of your penis,if you have any.

there are two reasons, first is, inside vagina, there is no sensation deep inside. a woman never feels anything after the depth of one or one and half inch. So even if you have 14 inch penis or 4 inch penis it dosent make any difference for a woman. Second is very important; many times people watch xxx pornographic videos, where a penis is shown 14 inces long and 4 inch in diameter. i ask you a simple logical question. A woman has womb and internal system inside which is not more than 3 inches deep, if a male is inserting 14 inches penis inside, where it is entering inside? Is it going upto her abdomen? Lungs? Where?

Actually the answer is, that penis is tricky, which is made of silicone, which gets crunched inside creating the illusion of inserting inside. How did i know about that?

One day a group f 4 people came to mate me, 2 among them were working in pornographic film and not having satisfaction, so disturbed in life. They shown me everything how camera tricks are used and later on how VFX VHS and other effects are added.
in short never get frustrated by looking at pornographic artists performance. it is also important to keep a cotton cloth with you while having sex. After the sex a lady has to clean her vagina with cloth and should make it completely dry. Then she can have very sound sleep. Otherwise there will be slurry around vagina, even if you use condoms.

Reiki is very effective tool to increase sexual power. It is seen thata person at the age of forty, fifty can satisfy a woman 4our to five times and still did not feel fatigue. Practice it regularly and enjoy life. Please visit 

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