Why Rickshaw-wallas-fight in India. Good to read

Why Rickshaw-wallas-fight in India. Good to read

In India, if you are Indian, must have been traveled by public transport. If you are not Indian let me explain,
we have very beautiful public transport system called Rickshaw. (it is three wheeler vehicle which can carry
3 passengers by law, and it can carry 12 to 14 people by drivers and public choice) That is perhaps the powerful
  use of resources available on this earth.

In Mumbai we are having fantastic system of Local Trains. If you are not Indian and suppose to visit India,
 Do not travel by any local train since from 8 am to 11 am and 5 pm to 10 pm. You may ask, what may happen if
 you travel? My friend you will die, due to suffocation. Because by law railway compartment is designed to carry
 only 1250 commuters, but it carries more than 6500 commuters at a time.

Ok that is not our subject. Because Mumbai Local Train is designed and developed by God, to make people religious.
 This is the device where you can enjoy travel to Hell.

Janne de yaar, we were talking about Rickshaws. Those are messengers by Hell. Rash driving is very typical.

They enjoy to earn money by keeping Meter fast. So that they can charge you more. How much they earn by this
 way? Not more than Two or three or five Rupees. If you are travelling daily on the same route you simply wonder
how different  Rickshaw meters function in different way?

If you are travelling in any city for the first time, then even if you have asked for fixed amount they will ask
for more amount for any reason.

Many times I have seen passengers fighting with Rickshaw wallas for one rupee or two. Actually
it makes no difference to passenger also to give up one rupee or two. But it is the fight of ethics. They may
spend 15 minutes time to shout at each other.The passenger might be having economic power to purchase the
 rickshaw on the spot, still Rickshaw walla will insult him for one rupee or two. Perhaps even Rickshaw walla
knows also it makes no difference with one rupee or two. But to fight for it is part of his profession.

Then what is the solution for it? My friends, if you are new to any city keep extra money and prepare yourself
 to be charged extra. There is no pint to have arguments with them. Keep ethical values aside,
then travel and enjoy.

Beware there might be some Rickshaw wallas who are good and may charge you perfect. Oh, that is the beauty of India.

But only condition is, pray to God before leaving your home for such an angel.

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