sargam hindi geetonki for keyboard guitar Pyar Deewana Hota Hai प्यार दीवाना होता है

sargam hindi geetonki for keyboard guitar Pyar Deewana Hota Hai प्यार दीवाना होता है 


sargam hindi geetonki -for keyboard- guitar- Pyar_Deewana_Hota_Hai--प्यार   दीवाना हो  ता है 

प्यार  दीवाना होता है मस्ताना होता है
~~ प ग सा    रे   रे म रे      *नि *नि सा ग     रे म    

हर  खुशी से हर गम से बेगाना होता  है 2
~~ प ग  सा   रे  रे म    रे   *नि सा ग        रे सा    सा~2 

Music  *नि *नि सा ग    रे सा    सा 

शमा कहे  परवाने  से, परे चला जा
गम पग मप   पपप~    ,  गप     पध नि     

मेरी  तरह  जलजागा, यहाँ  नहीं                                                                                                      नि  निधप     पप  ~       रे~ रेग रेग पग 

जो  नहीं सुनता, उसको जल जाना होता  है                                                                                                     ~   पग       सासारे     रेमरे    *नि *नि  साग   रेम~ ~ 

हर  खुशी से हर गम से बेगाना   होता   है                                                                                                          पग      सारे        रेमरे      *नि~ साग     रेसा   सा 

Music  *नि *नि सा ग    रे सा    सा 

प्यार दीवाना होता है मस्ताना होता है
~~    प ग सा    रे   रे म रे      *नि *नि सा ग     रे म    

हर खुशी से  हर गम से बेगाना होता     है 2
~~ प ग सा  रे  रेम  रे   *नि सा ग  रे सा    सा~2 

सुनो  किसी  शायर ने  ये  कहा  बहोत   खूब 
 गम पग मपप पप  पग    गप     पधनि    

मना  करे दुनियाँ लेकिन  मेरे महबूब                                                                                                   निधप      निधप     पपप      परे       रेगरे     गप  

वो   छलक जाता   हैजो पैमाना  होता    है
 पग        सा~ रे      रेम      रे  *नि *नि साग    रेम     

हर  खुशी   से, हर  गम से, बेगाना होता  है
~~   पग     सा     रेरे म    रे     *नि सा ग         रेसा    सा~

Tips To Follow:sargam hindi geetonki -for keyboard- guitar- Pyar_Deewana_Hota_Hai--प्यार   दीवाना हो  ता है 

1) To learn fast you have to listen particular song again and again and again. Up to suppose 50 times in a day.I have given song at the bottom, download in your cell to listen again and again.  Then your heart and all feeling will get concentrate on its Saragam, i.e. rhythm. Don't worry about words. Don't feel shy to sing song with yourself. 

2)Take printout of this song lyrics. Keep it handy with you. By keeping ear phone on, keep this page in front of you.And start to sing with the song. Make a small print i.e. half or still small size of A4(normal xerox) paper. So while traveling you can carry it or you can put it in your valet. 

3) Saragam can be different for different "ears" (masters)you can play on any 'note' That is, low or high. So no saragam is (technically) perfect, but still every saragam is perfect (by its creators and listeners view) One can find saragam on Lalalala note one can create by Dadadada or just by HUmmmmmm etc. Still I believe you can play it easily on any instrument.  

4) Saragam is actually the rhythm where lyrical words are can also make parody songs.. 
That is the reason, on any instrument you can play only one stanza then its only the repetition of saragam. So while playing any song please remember you have to prepare for 4 to 5 lines only.  
 Study the saragam above. It is same only lyrical words changed. This means if you got one line of saragam you can play two lines of song. This happens many times . So do not get tension to remember total saragam for total song of 3/4 stanzas. . 

5) So first of all try to find out similarity within saragam. For Old songs the lyrics were into 'meter' so its always easy to play with old songs. If you are a beginner i will suggest to go for old songs. 
6) Very Important tip... while playing any note try to understand for how much time you have to wait on that note. If it is fast to move or you have to linger on it. For example if you want to play Keyboard, play on Harmonica or Synth mode where you will find lingering note than keyboard on Piano mode. 

7)  If you have purchased keyboard, do not forget to buy Head phone for it. This will help you to concentrate only on song and practice. Plus other than you (your family members) should not get irritated with noise created by you. (Even if you choose low volume) If you are a miser, use cell phone ear plugs.    

8)There is no different  saragam for different instruments like keyboard, Guitar, Flute or any other. Try to sing rhythm by using saragam. Avoid to sing using only lyrics. Then its easy to play on any instrument. 

9) If you are a very beginner, then please do finger exercise. Means while playing Keyboard or Guitar you have to star to press the button from left and come to right and vice versa. Do it for 1 hour a day. for three days.  
For guitar also press a string and play . you can get finger exercise on one string start to end then end to start. For every string. from thin to thick. Then by its sections (known as frate) i.e. start from top to bottom by not moving left hand position. Only strings keeps changing.  

10) finger exercise is must for 4 to 5 days. You will find pains in palm, fingers or vain.  There might be swelling on it. At this point many player quit. But apply Balm on it but do not stop practicing.

 sargam hindi geetonki -for keyboard- guitar- Pyar_Deewana_Hota_Hai--प्यार   दीवाना हो  ता है  I am giving here song to down load. Let me know your feed back..

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