Sex tonic after kidney stone surgery.

Sex tonic after kidney stone surgery.

Sex tonic after kidney stone operation is very vital. Sexual activity is more important than any other activity in life. Sexual activity is a 'stress management tool'. If sexual activity is not performed for longer time than any person whether male or female gets stress.

If it is female may feel that her husband must be going to other woman to satisfy his sexual desire. If it is male, he will lose confidence as now he is unable to satisfy his wife. Then relationship gets stressed. 

This particular supplementary food actually makes sex organs for male or female very powerful from inside. This can be taken by male as well as by female. It is not advised for increasing normal sex power as one can see advertisements on pornographic websites.
Let me update your knowledge, sex is never between two legs, it is between two ears. Means it is psychological activity than a physical activity. This medicine food exactly works on your mind. You start to feel peaceful life and starts to feel love for your partner.
Sexual satisfaction or orgasm is not calculated by how much time you got involved in intercourse, but how lovingly you got involved in it.

Sex is a climax of expressing love. Our food dosent have chemicals to giv unnecessary stress on sexual organs. We advise please keep away from such chemicals. These may lead you to heart attack or cancer, because it actually alters your genes.

Before two hundred years people use alcohol as sex booster, but then humans realized its side effects. Then many drugs were used by humans for this but every country has banned such sex boosters, because they are deadly dangerous.  
Our product is natural healing food designed with ayurvedic formula energized by cosmic energy like Reiki and Pyramid, also it has tremendous power of Mantrajaap shakti.
Each and every cell of this food is charged to give you perfect health.

 Cost of this food is $ 8=00 per pack 

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