The secret-of-life-in-gujarati video

 The secret-of-life-in-gujarati- video

The secret-of-life-in-gujarati is a mission to show the world that social media can be used positively. We also try to enhance indian languages, so if you have 5/6 speakers in your language we will make your 60 min video film at FREE

The Secret-of life-in-Gujarati, is a-motivational-project-discuss about life. In this project-the Secret-of life-in-Gujarati many wise personalities from the land of Gujarat are exploring knowledge for you in our own language-Gujarati-.

There are five videos on this subject. You can also participate in our project.

This subject may change your life

We want good people, if you have 5/6 speakers from any language we will make your 1 hr film at FREE of Cost. 
In coming future we will be publishing interviews and lecturers on various subjects.You can also send your video recording to us to contribute in this project.We are 'feature film' editors dealing with sophisticated software like Premier, Pinnacle, Nuke etc. So that technically also it should be perfect.
many people make video on mobile and put it on you tube. Technically which is very poor. then even if you are having good content people feel boring to watch your video. 
Proper make up, lighting system, high resolution HD cameras and sophisticated software with creative brain produces Bollywood/ Hollywood style film.
it deals with content and technology...
YOU ARE WELCOME on and whattsaap on 8879705266  

Agenda of our Program on You tube, a Worldwide mission..

1)            Guidance to society by Social Reformist (Philanthropist)
2)            Guidance to students by IAS/ IPS/ Bank officers,  how they studied… motivation to students
3)            Guidance by Corporate Technocrats…. How do they manage, challenges within the industry
4)            Successful did they achieve success… from
a)            Diamond ind.
b)Fabric ind.
c)Construction ind.
d)Hotels ind.
e)Manufacturers ind.
5)            Counseling
a)Career after 10th/12th
b)What to do if you fail in 10th/12th exam?
6)            Parent counseling
a)How to manage your children
b)How to get study done by your child
c)How to handle your in-laws
d)How to manage family
7)            Divorce counseling
a)creating awareness between women about domestic violence
b)Indian law for property disputes with the view of woman.
8)            Awareness between working woman, about -Working place violence
9)            Interviews of authors, poets, thinkers, singers, folk song artists, traditional dancers, Educationalists, Politicians etc
10)          Stories of common men and women if they are struggling in life and who believes he has something to say…about his real life story….
11)          Voice of common man to give suggestions to SMC/state or central government.
12)          Interviews of gov officers regarding govt policies and subsidy programs e.g. KVIC,SSID 

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