how they made VODAFONE-ZOO ZOO

This is one of the ad, which got popularity larger than TV screen. It rarely happens in Advertisement world, that a character is popular than TV screen.

It was ‘Orange’ and only ‘BPL’(British Physical Laboratory). Now many people may not remember what is BPL and Orange. Once upon a time BPL was largest selling in Electronics household goods in India. Mr. Amitabh Bacchan was the advertising person for it. For the first time in India 3D Graphics were used. That advertisement has also amazed people. BPL started its services as mobile service provider.

At that time ‘Ornge’ entered in the market. After few years it was taken over and the name was ‘Hutch’. Then after few years it was taken by ‘Vodafone’.

Vodafone has appointed that advertising agency which has psychiatrist on their thinking tank panel. 

(Did you know this is the same ad agency who did ad campaign. for Mr.Modi, in his election campaign.)

They started with very new concepts. Whenever this agency makes ad.. it create good emotions. Like …………….in very beginning they have shown a cute puppy, which was following a chuuby cute girl. And the relationship between girl and her pet was so nicely shown that people simply start to love that puppy (the specie is known as PUG). In Mumbai the cost of …….raised upto 25,000=00 (When Petrol was only 31 Rs per litre)

Where its competitors were unable to create good ads…and Vodafone was on the top.
The ad agency was trying to do something different so they came with zoo zoo concept. Actually they were human artist wearing white costumes. This move was very intelligent.

The reason was it they have used 3Dgraphics software; it might have taken more time to develop. Also at that time no 3D software was so sophisticated to show details in characters movements. The grey background, human emotions and alien type look appeal people. It was smash hit. People started talking about them. Very soon it was loved by teen age girls. So on T shirts zoo zoo were printed. They came with family. They came as group of friends. They came as love birds. All human emotions… still not humans.

The plastic and rubber key chain idols hit market. Every city girl was playing with her zoo zoo key chain. Then ad makers created series of different concepts. After social media and You tube, it was viral.

In history of Indian advertisement no character and concept got this kind of popularity. Even after so many years people used to watch zoo zoo ads on you tube…check it out.

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