how can i get Jinn, or Jinnat?

how can i get Jinn, or Jinnat?

What is Jinn, or Jinnat?

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'Jinn' is an helping angel, believed from Arabian nights. This is from Egyptian culture. The mantras are in Arabic script. Jinn is having body form like Ghosts. It has to achieve by perfect chanting. To achieve Jinn is not a big deal but to keep him with us is an art. If not kept well he can eat you or your family members. So many times black magic people keeps Jinn  to perform many works.

This is again for not normal people. A person with Lions heart can handle the Jinn and may make life wonderful. Many times skeptical people it true.. then I want to see it. They are fools..can you see magnetic field around your cell phone while speaking? Still you can communicate with others. Jinn is like that only.

Some so called intellectuals are fools. They think that they have great thinking power, so they try to "see" things by their own eyes. They forget the basic part, that human eyes has many many many limitations. it can not see many things, like oxygen in air. It can not see the earth is round shape and many things. Some times if any Hypnotist create an illusion, then these guys turn into clown. They claim, yes I have seen it. But they do not understand what they are watching is an illusion.

There are many things to be understood by the vibrations, which is known as "mann ki aankh" means soul vision..Those are purely vibrations. To see god, ghost, jinn your soul vision must be powerful. Many people have week vision so they need optical specs. Like that one has to use sadhana to improve soul vision to understand Jinn.  

Jinn is like pet Tiger. He will listen to you till his mood says so. If he lost faith in you or if you go against him he will eat you. He will take back all things given to you. That's the reason we found some people getting reach suddenly and looses everything suddenly. These mantras are very secret so guru's never declare to open public.

Answer me a simple question... whole mankind is behind money... show me the money. The secret is Money is no where.. its an illusion. Only an imagination by humans. Still every one is trying to get it. When we transfer money using net, what exactly you are giving and what exactly he is getting? Pure imagination of figures. A physical currency from one country is not acceptable by another country...? Then what we are doing with piece of papers? All other animals and birds must be getting surprised how humans are playing with their imagination? For one piece of paper he is giving a little or some times more.. I wish to explain we are living in a virtual and imaginary world. Once you understand what am I trying to explain, your eyes will get wide open to the TRUTH of universe. In which one part is Jinn

Is it true that Jinn stays in bottle?

Let me share some interesting things God has created for every creature on this earth. He has given feeling of HOME to every one. Even if it is dog, cat,lion or human being or any bird. Everyone has his own home. Birds fly for thousands of kilometres back to rest in their own home. Lion, no matter he runs for hunting returns to his place. Actually Lion or birds can rest any where then why they come to particular place...? Like that soul stay inside any body or when escaped they rest ot the God or if turned to ghosts or Jinn again they have to stay at particular place. Jinn stay at Woods, Sea, Old building structures where no humans can stay.

Whenever a place is haunted we start to feel some negative vibrations. We feel uneasiness. When they are command and asked to stay at particular place they stay in bottle, or anything you wish to keep in.

There is another sceptical question...if Jinn is so powerful and perform many things why can't he get escaped himself?

The answer is ...have you seen Circus? In Circus you can see Elephant performing many styles for ringmaster...Elephant is approximately 9 to 12 tonnes in weight.. he can kill ringmaster any time. or he can break his chain to escape, anytime ..then why he is not getting escaped? The answer is every specie and body and soul has given limitations by the nature. No one is having N numbers of powers. And human brain can understand limits of everything. Then human brain use it their power for his own purpose.

Is it true that Jinn gives us money and gold?

Yes, it is true. But not that easy way. There are miracles but with the practical application.Means you will not get currency instantly in front of you. But there is a possibility that if you have purchased a lottery ticket you may win. There is a possibility that you may get treasure under the ground... but to get the treasure you have to dig for tonnes of garbage and soil.. it will never happen that suddenly you will find gold under your bed..No.

How much time it take to get Jinn? How many years..?

There is no such any parameter that within any fix time frame it will work. It depends on your strength of belief, and sadhana.

How many types of Jinn are there?There are thousands of types of Jinn.

How many Jinn one person can keep?Maximum up to six.

Is there any male or female ?Yes, there are.

Do they have family?Ghosts and Jinn every one has family.

Do they produce children..?No they can't. Family increases by another person's death.. Killing others.. No one can create soul. Even when we produce children we do not produce soul. Its by the nature ( God.)

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Disclaimer: The image i.e.picture shown above is a dramatic illusion created in Photoshop to clear  and understand the subject. In reality we do not have advanced cameras to take photos of Jinnat, like this.


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