woman-empowerment-50%-women-in every-government-department


There must be 50% women in every government department. Because nature has created 50% women and 50% men to balance human race. Male dominant society like India, has kept woman behind the curtains. So it has created many problems in national development. In police department also we have to have 50% women. But the only thing is that this male dominant society will not allow women in police force also to work independently. We always read news about insult of woman in police force. What happen to Kiran Bedi? at last the situation was created by male, that she forced to resign. But this is the procedure of creating new society. Women in public will feel safe if they found woman police officer with them. It will improve police image in society. Male dominance is there but this approach will change with the second generation. When police officers will have there daughters in the force.

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