Cyber security ethical hacking, institute at Surat fees 10,000/=

 Cyber security ethical hacking, institute at Surat fees 10,000/=

Learn ethical hacking cyber security in Surat @ 10,000=/ only. Tadwadi, Rander, Surat 5
 Contact 9723106181


Data packets sniffing
Wireless penetration testing
WEB server penetration testing
Introduction of penetrating testing
Introduction of network topologies and service
internal network penetration testing
network scanning
network discovery penetration testing
network and system utility
port penetration testing
network packet tracing
network penetration testing
web cracking
phishing attack and penetration testing
introduction of WI-FI
LAN technology
Advance gogglingCall spoofing
SMS spoofing
Password stealing
Folder security hacking
Firewall penetration
System password hacking
External system hacking
System penetration testing
Trojan Attack
Trojan Attack detection
GPS location tracing
Exploit system using Backtrack
Using metasploit to exploit web server vulnerability
Social engineering attack using SET
Website cloning
Blootooth hacking (for selected model)
Smart phone security hacking
Android PC remote
Wi-Fi forensic
PC monitor by Android
Android remote control
Hack PC by Android
Hack Android phone by PC
Antihack network in Android
Whatsapp hacking


Introduction of cyber crimes
Process of cyber-crime investigation
Introduction of cyber law
Introduction of Digital Forensic
Foot printing
Onile number hacking
Email spoofing
Google hacking data-base
Live camera hacking
IP spoofing
Spamming mail bomber, sms bomber
Internet hacking trick
Software cracking
Folder tracking
Computer tracking
Computer tracking
Network activity tracking
Trace stolen Laptop
Child activity monitoring
Internet browser security
Session hijacking
Vulnerable web attack
DOS attack
Dots attack
DT- search
Data destroyer
Password sniffing
Unbreakable password
Password recovery
Recovery of sim card data
Recovering deleted files
Network forensic
Browser forensic
Registry forensic
System forensic
Mobile forensic
Image file forensic
Email tracing
Email crime investigation
Facebook fake ID investigation
Investigating pornography
Morphing detection investigation
Credit card hacking investigation
Social engineering attack


Introduction of hacking
Process and terms of hacking
Introduction of internet
Email security and back-up
Security of facebook and Twitter
Prevent cut copy paste
Restrict access of USB
Lock PC with USB
Lock PC with Pattern lock
Portable PC with USB
Make bootable USB
Boost speed of PC with USB
Folder security
Computer drive security
Registry hacking
Control registry by admin
Clean up registry
Make your computer browser
Recover windows corrupted file
Create un-renamable and un-deleteable folder
Unrecoverable deletion
Hard disk partition backup
Control monitor
Make windows genuine
Remove program with right click
Format PC using notepad
Software informer
Windows tips
Make your PC speak
Find serial key of any software
Virus creation
Protection from spyware
Restrict malware spyware rootkit backdoor
Delete auto run virus
Rename your recycle bin
Set video as desktop
Universal explorer
Super copier
Recording of Screen
Clouding system drop boxGoogle drive
CMD tricks
Notepad tricks

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