Child safety against abuse and rape in school is a national agenda.

Child safety against abuse and rape in school is a national agenda.

Child is unsafe in school..

हिंदी मे पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक कीजिए

In the year of 2016,it  have been tormented (experiencing or characterized by severe physical or mental suffering.) at one hundred thousand youngsters, in Indian schools. The additionally humiliating that this figure is, the all the more terrifying it is. The most extreme discipline is from thirty five to fifty years old. Also, kids on a normal of seven years old. There is additionally a place for trusting that not all cases achieve the police. Generally how huge this figure can be.

What has happened to this nation that the general population ... worshiping the master, the school aficionado as the sanctuary, the kids who viewed kids as God's dispatcher, how did this general public today turned out to be beast and ruthless? We should examine this social work.

A many number of years back, after the family, essential information, to an ever increasing extent, the man created the 'Gurukul' to pick up the learning. There were Gurukuls in each culture, in which the youngster was instructed subsequent to going to his lord after age. This subject was instructed in deep sense of being, religion, human science, arithmetic. The followers and the Guru used to be in Gurukul as it were. There was no pyun, dai sweeper. Every one of the supporters used to act naturally dependent. That is to wash your own particular garments, make your own sustenance(food and drink regarded as a source of strength; nourishment.).

The status of the ace (very good) was high in the public arena(a place or scene of activity, debate, or conflict). Kids used to be in a more flavorful (having a rich, pleasing flavor life; savory) Gurukul than their homes.

This convention was annulled (declare invalid) by the British. The entire world was stunned Seeing British with thoughts and weapons, . Further developed dialect(language)  than the English dialect was in Hindustani dialects (a particular form of a language which is peculiar to a specific region or social group.). Be that as it may, the English dialect was thought to be the dialect of information.

From the eighth century to the seventeenth century, Hindustani as well as every culture had destructive and awful practices. Furthermore, the purported culture defenders upheld those awful practices. For the sake of religion, the general public was broken, the station framework ended up plainly stricter. This mindset was in the Indian subcontinent, in a few nations of Africa and Europe. The British Government raised its exactness.

Prior, Raja (ruler) social guidelines did not meddle in traditions and customs. Be that as it may, the British finished its manage entirely against the terrible practice and mankind, and made the law entirely by closure it. Notwithstanding this, British individuals had their own particular legacy. Its a colossal culture. Along these lines, he didn't change the establishments in Indian culture.

At that point where did the aggravations start? How did the general public wind up noticeably exhausting and silly?

This began earlier and amid World War II and from that point forward, Through this period, intelligent people from everywhere throughout the world, leaving their own nation, went to the nation called 'America'. Due to the war, the security of life and property and the flexibility of the individual and the musings were limited. His desire was stirred in everybody. The nation that exemplifies the wants has progressed toward becoming America now. That is the reason it was called 'Place where there is Fresh chances to succeed'. Since there were no social strict principles here. The guidelines of government were not strict. Nobody feared God here.

There was just a single God, cash was there And there was just a single religion, 'Bhogavad'. That is the reason a parallel economy was additionally acting as 'Black market'. That was the round of sorted out wrongdoing. In a similar period, the entire world is America's TV Gave a shock by inquire about. In the wake of finding the PC and later the net, the religious and social estimations of the whole human race were annihilated.

After World War II, America and Russia rose as two world forces. In any case, Russia's extraordinary pioneer 'Mikhail Gorbachev' brought 'perestroika' (rebuilding) and 'glasnost' (globalization) for his nation. Because of which Russia is a piece of the Basho Over time, the American ended up plainly more grounded Especially in the seventies decade and eighty many years of social degeneration of the whole human culture. In the American culture, it was called Modern Ideas, who used to drink 'Liquor', who clowned about the religious customs of religion. Whoever did not regard anybody, not even his folks or educator! There has been an adjustment in the quantity of separations because of which the Konkona family dismissed the possibility of a more distant family in the freedom development. Hair is diminished and alongside garments as well. The suggestive climate began to be viewed as present day. Rather than looking wonderful, ladies began adorning themselves with provocative make-up. Research of against prophylactic pills and different means, which brought about inundation in American culture,

In the films, rather than engaging stories, move was made by the 'Brutality'. Gradually, Luv replaced love. Once the film hit, the second film ... begun to fall at the lower level. However, till now in India as well, this film was restricted to extra large screen. So social harm was not happening much. A smidgen of amusement was accessible. Through this. Be that as it may, TV But there was a great deal of stringent limitations. Also, all of a sudden VCR Was found and in the hands of the American individuals went to the enormous market of explicit movies. Today even 95% of porn motion pictures originate from America.

Why are we investigating this? What is the association between the violations of Indian schools and the American Occupation? Have we roamed from the subject? No, we are investigating a gigantic social change or degeneration.

After very nearly 1970, the white collar class began to feel like America, paradise. We and the entire world began mimicking American music, the style of wearing their garments, haircuts style. Hindustani music was supplanted by pop, jazz and disco music. Chime came set up of dhoti and pants. Rather than trimming hair, 'flower child' style came. From Mithun da to 'Disco Dancer', see any film of seventy or eighty years of Bachchan sir and that film......

After just about 1970, the white collar class began to feel like America, paradise. We and the entire world began mimicking American music, the style of wearing their garments, hairdos style. Hindustani music was supplanted by pop, jazz and disco music. Ringer came set up of dhoti and pants. Rather than trimming hair, 'flower child' style came. From Mithun Da to 'Disco Dancer', any of Bachchan Saheb's seventy or eighty decade of the film and recollect the general public of that time.

Presently we likewise began calling our dad 'Daddy' mother to 'Mami'. Before smoking tobacco smoke was thought to be present day. Try not to regard guardians, ridicule the school ace, lease lobbies of schools, and so on to begin the night. We have completed haven like the sanctuary of schools.

The word 'Masterji', whose extraordinary regard, now turns into the equivalent words peruse, is less self-assured, more gullible, who has no learning of common life, who is fainthearted, whose body is feeble and something to that effect.

After the Mahatma Gandhiji's flexibility battle, Indian social esteems were left in school universities in free India. Until the point when 1980, there was an age of showing staff in government schools and universities, which was giving the data to the understudies even in the wake of having less pay.

In any case, in the eighties, rich industrialists, prompt government officials and enormous agriculturists (who were landowners) came to America with advanced education. He saw 'business' or 'apoculture' in the field of instruction. These individuals, who got outside instruction, made the Indian training segment a business. Rather than expanding the level of instruction, they started to underline outer appearances. Presently the new "Current" furniture and "Look" schools of the schools have turned out to be overwhelming over government schools, which serve in the nineties. The working class 'Guardians' were stunned to finish everything. Furthermore, the fault for the American culture came in our instruction framework.

The primary screw up, just individuals with cash could now go to these schools. Since crafted by gathering more cash for the school's garments, shoes and different exercises is beginning. Second blemish, the measure of the garments of the young ladies in many schools was lessened from beneath. Third defect, spam staffing has expanded Where is our Indian culture in which the youngsters were confident in Gurukul, and where have we come, in which we have topped off undesirable clean staff to do 'Blake Money White'. Since 'phantom staff' is available in many schools. That is, the names of the individuals who don't exist are appeared on the pay papers. In the meantime many staff are given not so much compensation but rather more are marked on vouchers.

Take a gander at the advisory group of all these franchisee schools, father, child, little girl in-law, brother by marriage, brother by marriage. The individuals who have no connection to the instruction segment. Like a private business, the school is likewise being run.

Presently benefits in schools began expanding. Accentuation has been given to build benefits and keep a non-showing staff with low paid instructing and non-educating staff. This is the place a furious wreckage broke out.

The agreement framework began at each and every place in the endeavor to give less pay. At educator contract, on Mali contracts, on driver contract, at Pungent Contract. Due to being on contract, no one had any affection for the duplicates of school or love of youngsters towards great confidence. Presently when we gradually got into the arrangement of rationally misshaped individuals, we didn't know.

Those corruptions were conceived in them "explicit fixation", on the grounds that everybody now has a PDA in their grasp. A few organizations have influenced the information to free. So now the kids who are not justifiable are additionally observing smut, the elderly of this age is likewise included and everyone is streaming in the tempest of this change.

What does "explicit dependence" mean? The importance of "explicit dependence" implies cigarettes, liquor compulsion, yet without seeing porn, a few people are not glad. On the off chance that the system leaves, they wind up plainly insane. It doesn't make a difference that lone men are incorporated, hitched ladies, virgins are additionally casualties of "obscene enslavement".

They are made to be more contorted to offer porn. Delicate men and ladies are indicated gay, lesbian, youngsters, creature erotica with them. Further, the travel of brutality starts. In which the genuine assault, bunch assault, "enchanting" means the person is binding, bleeding, peeing, or more dirt etc., by binding another person. In the end, in some places, a person is seen killing someone with a dead body and is being rude to the dead body .... How many readers of Sir, it must have begun to be read after reading it. Because we are people of the middle family and we can not "think" that this happens in this world too.
The study of the mentality of these culprits with the children is telling how do these greedy people work? The person who sees perverted porn again and again, his mind 'visualization' and he controls the control over his intellect. Now he can not fear religion, God, ethics, anything. Whatever happens, he wants to do his own way in his own way. And one day he literally loses his senses, and commits a crime.
But these criminals are very pimples, so they choose small children. Do not commit this crime for a very long day, keeping a "soft target" prey in your mind. These criminals are recruited as a lower category staff in school or college. How low they are These criminals are recruited as a lower category staff in school or college. They do not care about how much less salary they are getting. Their motive is something different. The second aspect, low pay, seeing the demanding shakes, water comes in the mouth of 'trustee' or 'management', because he is a businessman. What to do with the impotence of the front?
In other places, the "pornography" in which the already associated with the schools is distorted. We have taught our children that we should say the big people in Omar and say like Teaching or Non Teaching Staff, we should do the same. The advantage of this is that it takes a criminal man.
Since the camera has arrived in the mobile phone, any filthy thing can be recorded easily anywhere. If the porn is opened easily in the mobile, then you can sit and watch it. And porn has only ruined society.
A central minister had given a request that we are in front of the Net's power ... are we really capable of the power of the Net? Can not all these porn sites be closed if the Central Government wished? Of course it can be closed! In China, there is no Google. They have their own search engine. Blocking porn web sites is not difficult either. If any 'Ethical Hacking' agency is assigned this work, then all these websites can be closed within twenty four hours. Or another branch of our Cyber ​​Crime Department should be developed and assigned to them. Even then the websites that are closed will be closed.
Another important issue. If there is a railway accident anywhere in India, then the railway minister has to give an objection on the basis of ethics. Similarly, if there is any unpleasant event with the children in any school, then the case may be filed with the officials of the management of the school. In many cases, it has been seen that the Parents do not immediately go to the police. That staff is done to the principal principal or any trustee. So the attitude of the principal or trustee is to save that staff member. And as such, everybody lives in the affair to suppress the case. If we started the management's responsibility, then the management itself would hand over such criminal staff to the police. For this, it is important that the Central Government make strict laws, and it is necessary to implement it strictly.
What happens ... When there is any kind of torture on an innocent person? Or is there an attempt to torture? They are completely destroyed at the level of the boy or the girl interference. Different types of horror and suffer from it later. After a few years, they become victims of depression. Because when the life history of the patient of depression is known then there has never been such a bad accident in his life. And after that year, when the accident comes to the upper surface of the mind, then forget about it that the patient becomes a victim of depression.
If the boy is a boy, then he hates the men throughout his life. Even from your father or your husband. If the boy is exploited then he feels uncomfortable with his mother, sister, or wife throughout his life. Because of which, sometimes he becomes cruel.
Is not the mentality of a rapist working in our own family? the answer is yes. We are making our children 'maybe' rapists of the future in our Modern Family.
There is a big change in the changing India, that the urbanization of the population living in our village is growing rapidly with urbanization. For example, we will talk about a normal family in which a boy and a girl are two such children. The girl's age is ten years old and the boy's age is twelve years old. When the boy came from the school, he threw it in the corner. Throw the shoes in the corner. And order, 'Mommy nasta lao' .. Mommy now becomes his servant. From childhood we have not taught him self-respect. As the son was born, his mother takes care of his service. The son should never have done his work himself. He did not teach home work. His father also did not spend his better half's turn in family unit errands. Television. Mother used to run the program as per the desires of the child.

Interestingly, mother went to the kitchen promptly subsequent to coming to class, she treked, to do numerous things together. She will likewise get the bread, the vegetable will hop on the stove, she will likewise discuss the telephone. Furthermore, we made our child powerless, did not give him some obligation. Try not to have any preparation for the housekeeping, how the cash is kept, and no preparation is given to it. We offered preparing to the kid at seven at night however came up short on the kid. And furthermore told that the nourishment does not come until the point that the readiness is prepared. Since in the meantime mother's most loved serial TV. To go ahead.

Presently what will this kid do in the wake of going out? At that point, alongside his companions, will put a hand on a pendant and young ladies will converse with the young men. At the same time he turns into a casualty of Pan, Mawa, Gutka and so on. Since the leaflets won't enable the house to be free for nothing. Furthermore, said in the house, don't come late

Presently if the kid falls flat, and begins crying, at that point the guardians will state, 'Why are young ladies like crying? You are a man ' Now the kid does not comprehend what the 'man' is? Authorization is given to the young ladies to be discharged, because of which they can convey the heaviness of the brain. In any case, the kid has a major issue. Since nobody has comprehended his emotions. This interacted with an errant young lady, or came to be good with plastered companions, now she is more partial to the young lady or her companion than the family. We didn't educate the young men 'multi-entrusting' at home. Try not to dole out family duties. Due to which now he begins bowing inside. What's more, one day, when a powerless tyke or young lady sees her, she gets overpowered. Also, devastates somebody's life forever.

Be that as it may, isn't the main man experiencing work? So the appropriate response is no! Insights demonstrate that when ladies cross the age of forty, at that point now there is the likelihood of finding another companion to leave the spouse subsequent to leaving the husband. Indeed, even in the wake of turning into a grandma or grandma, ladies continue with alert with other men.

We will realize what is its family and mental causes. Any young lady who is provoked in her school, regardless of how huge a post she will be, she is the primary mother.

Till thirty years back, subsequent to seeing the social structure, youngsters were not enlisted in the school until the point when they were six to seven years of age. That implied he turned out to be big to the point that he could go to class himself. In any case, time changed and it was mandatory to send the offspring of three and a half years to class. Presently the tyke has another duty on Modern Mother, take the kid to class or school transport and bring it. This work of mother proceeds, until the point when the youngster goes to the fourth grade. At night the mother educates the tyke herself Then one more work is expanded. At that point after the fifth grade, if the mother does not comprehend the tyke's instruction then now crafted by showing her is ceased. The tyke does not know how to originate from school. So now another work of mother stops. Until the ninth grade, the kid ends up noticeably free from the mother.

Till at that point, marriage happens sixteen to seventeen years. Mother-father-in-law or the elderly bite the dust either after some time or turn out to be extremely old. That is the reason in this family, those 'individuals who trouble new lady of the hour' are presently pulled in to him. Commonly the salary of the spouse expands, the land is sold in the town. Or, then again family property is isolated. For any reason or, if the profits of the speculation of the guardians, relative of Sasur, at that point how might she turn into her own home? At that point to improve the house and two years the housewife ends up plainly locked in.

There is nothing left to do after this. In spite of being composed, he dedicated himself to the whole time and life family. Presently she needs, that she is valued. From spouses, they expect the kids ... However, at this point everybody turns out to be so occupied in their own particular life that if this housewife comes towards it then simply overlook it! Inside within starts to choke out him. In the event that you got the reward of entire life surrender ... exhaust life Now she ends up noticeably discouraged. Indeed, even relatives are as yet ready to comprehend that this relationship is additionally a trick, everybody has its own significance.

At that point he is a companion searching for. Furthermore, via web-based networking media, (Facebook or Watts) no one gets its acclaim. Also, this relationship, starting with the name of companionship, achieves sweet relations. In these cases, individuals concoct extraordinary intelligence. Since frequently the two sweethearts are restricted to their family obligations. Nobody needs to take a separation. In any case, for that woman or her beau man of honor, he gets another experience. Commonly, despite the fact that such cases are known to the spouse or wife, they stay under a rooftop for 'kids' purpose'.

On the edge of youth that the young men or young men are modest by fear, they are currently players. By the age of forty, they see the demise of some nearby individual. That is the reason now these contemplation start to come in the psyche, that what is the life and demise of the individual, the measure of body pleasure that is gotten.

This attitude attempts to erupt, porn. The structure of Indian culture is that those awesome masterminds had the thoughts, dreams, words that incited the desire, and had taken control from our way of life. In any case, the "Netizen" that blocked the "porn" from the point of view of the desires of the general population, to change the general public with new liberality culture.

Everything that is so shrouded has spread to society so much that a wave has been lifted, in which our innocents are being driven adrift. To keep this, the focal government ought to quickly stop explicit sites. What's more, the individuals who damage the govern ought to have strict activity against them. At that point our kids will be sheltered in schools.


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