Das Mahavidya, sadhana upasana in English

Das Mahavidya, sadhana upasana in English

Das Mahavidya

Adi-Shakti is an immortal form of power. Ten Mahavidyas are actually the incarnations of the same Adi Shakti. He becomes angry in anger, and in Tantra anger, Tiger and Shigra Kopi take on the form of a pomp. In love and nurture in kindness, she takes the form of Bhubaneswar, Matangi and Mahalaxmi. In Shakti Sadhana, there is a total worship of 10 holy cults. All of these college students wish to gain knowledge and power do worshipers. Keep in mind, nothing is done only with Mantra, but the work of a seeker must also be purified.Ten Mahavidyas have been addressed by these names ...

1. Kali Mata, 2. Tara Mata, 3 Tripurasundari Mata, 4. Bhubaneswarwari Mother, 5 Tripura Bhairavi Mata 6. Dhoomawati Mata, 7. Chinnamasta Mata, 8.Bagalamukhi mata, 9. Matangi Mata, 10 Kamala Mata They have two origins, one is, Kali Kul and the other is Shri Kul. Four sadhanas are of Kali Kul and six sadhanas are done by Shri Kul. Mahavidya Sadhana can do by any person or seeker of any religion. Caste, class, gender is not differentiate in ten Mahavidya. 

In all the Mahavidyas, worship of Bhairav ​​is also done. Because the activity of the worship is complex. 

So purify the five things before starting meditation.

1. Place purification: Purify the place before sitting for meditation. In old time, people used to purify the entire place from the cow's dung and with gaumutra (Cow urine). In today's world, take the least washable asana (Cloth to sit) in Modern Life style. Light up  the essence  stick for a pleasant atmosphere

2. Self Body purification: eat savory food, adhere to brahmacharya (i.e.not to do sex). Take bath before meditation, go to toilet before bath.

The problem of upset stomach and gases can cause problems by creating a serious obstacle in the sadhana. When the body is suffering from ailment, meaning cold fever, etc. do not do sadhana. 

The use of pranayama, yog etc. helps in body purification.

3.Matter purification: There are two meanings of matter purification. First is Do not use money, earned by sin. Second is the tools use to do sadhana should be clean and adequate. Start with clean water, the guru will purify it by Mantra. ( adequate means, broken cups, torn sheets, broken frames, torn notes, broken furniture should not be used.)

 4. God statchue and images purification: not only used to meditate but also clean another statue and photographs of the house .

 5. Mantra purification: Accept the initiation in the right direction of a qualified Guru. Through attunement, the Guru creates a power within you. Knowledge of sadhana mudras, trust, yantra-mala pujan, prana prestige, panchopchara etc. will be obtained from the Guru only. The seeker should meditate near the foots of his master, Panachopchar, Shodashopachar, or chosath treatments worship the deities  in the Mahavidya Yantra. 

Get permission from Gods in it and worship them. By Tarpan, havan, worship the  God and worship it in fire form. Meeting the arpan, satisfy God as a whole.Then do the aarti of the Goddess and offer flowers. Dedicate yourself to the feet of Shakti by reciting the 'Kavach-Sahasranama Stotra' by Guru. 

The God has asked to dedicate pooja material in the river, the pond,or in the sea, remembering Shakti in mind. Be aware of cleanliness in environment, sprincle some water on the image surface, after leaving the material, apologize to the gods and ask for forgiveness. The symbolic immersion allowed by our scriptures.

माँ  कालि 
maa kali- das mahavidya

Maa Kali is the first form of power. Kali means "Kalika" that means time Kalika. It is considered the form of time. The time which is the strongest. This goddess completely annihilates every kind of evil, so it has a very hot form. 

Her tandava was frightening even by Shiva's orgy. Therefore, due to the energy, no world should be destroyed, therefore, Shivaji comes in the middle of the earth and Maa kaali and appears to bear this destructive power himself. 

Some may think, it is dancing on Shiva.

Chand and Munda had invaded Durga so thats he became so angry that she had gone black in time before the time.

Lord Shiva once entrusted this task to Mata Parvati to kill a monster named Daruka. Because Bhola Nath himself had given a boon to the Daruka monster that you only have fear from the woman.

To kill Daruka, Shiva planned Shakti.

Maa Kali was planned to kill a monster named Rakhtbeej. (Which was the form of Daruk). 

Her popular picture is the process of warring the Rakhtbeej.she is wish fulfilling power. 

They are delighted by the mantra and Hakeek mala. 

Goddess Kali destroys the disease. she liberate us from the evil planets and the influence of evil spirits. If anyone has the power to save from the  premature death, then it isonly maa kaali. Because of her own self, death is also afraid of Kali.

We get Speech-Siddhi, means whatever we say is the truth. For this attain the power of Kali.

All following six-work-seekers of six-yearly seekers of six-karma do das mahavidya. Such as Maran, Mohan, Vashikaran, Sammohan, Upachhan, Vedasana etc.
Those who's bread and butter is tantrik karmas, do six-karma, but the bad karma may create problem for sadhak. The society, nature, fate, law gives its punishments. So do your best work with the power. Do not hurt anyone. There are more devotees of Maa in Bengal, Assam, Himachal Pradesh. You can also be included in this category.
!! ॐ क्रीं क्रीं क्रीं दक्षिणे कालिके क्रीं क्रीं क्रीं स्वाहा !!
काली स्तुति

रक्ताsब्धिपोतारूणपद्मसंस्थां पाशांकुशेष्वासशराsसिबाणान्।शूलं कपालं दधतीं कराsब्जै रक्तां त्रिनेत्रां प्रणमामि देवीम् ॥
 तारा माता
Tara mata

Mother Tara is the second Goddess of Ten Mahavya. It is also called "Tarini" Mata. 

The seeker who comes under the shelter of Tara Mata becomes successful.

Tara Mata is a "feeder". Means, whose affectionate milk is never lessened. 

Like an infant, the mother keeps the seeker in her lap. She gives her divine power like breast milk every day.

Tara is also the mother of Lord Shiva Shankar. So imagine the power of Her. 

Shiva Shankar came ahead to save the world from the huffy when the God and demon were simulating the sea, he took the poison. 

But the turmoil was too much in his  body which did not stop. Therefore Ma Durga took the form of Tara Maa and Lord Shiva took the form of a cubs. Then Tara Devi started to feed her breasts milk to Shivaji. 

Shiva's cremation was reduced by that whistle-blowing panacea. But Tara Ma's body was affected by the turmoil, due to which she became blue.

If the mother who has breastfed Shiva, then our life will be blessed definately by her. Tara Mata  wears hand on the waist , just like Kaali maa. There is also a necklace of skulls in her neck.

It helps in creativity,  poetic virtue quickly. Self-defense of a seeker is done by her , she eliminates your enemies with a heavy burden.Use the red coral, rhinestone or black harek garland for meditation. 

Enchant for 3 times with 121 mala.It has two chants.

In a mantra "Trin" and in the second "Strin" is such utterance. This  form of Shakti is cursed by the Shudokta rishi. Therefore, take note of the pronunciation.
ॐ ह्रीं स्त्रीं हुं फट 

तारा स्तुति

मातर्तीलसरस्वती प्रणमतां सौभाग्य-सम्पत्प्रदे प्रत्यालीढ पदस्थिते शवह्यदि स्मेराननाम्भारुदे । 
फुल्लेन्दीवरलोचने त्रिनयने कर्त्रो कपालोत्पले खड्गञ्चादधती त्वमेव शरणं त्वामीश्वरीमाश्रये ॥
त्रिपुर सुंदरी माता
maa tripur sundari

In ten powers, maa tripur sundari's place is of high rank. 

There is no female beauty beyond maa tripur sundari on this planet and Tribuvan.

It is believed that she is Shodashi i.e. a beautiful girl of sixteen years. There is no any work in this universe that Tripura sundari mata can not do,a beautiful mother.

Lord Shiva married a Daxh King's daughter, Sati. He was Daksh who did not like this. One day Raja Daksh organized the yagya. But the daughter and the son-in-law were not invited because Daxh did not like this rabble-like son-in-law. 

Shakti thought her father may have forgotten to invite, so even though Shiva refused Shakti deny his refusal, and she reached the place of Yagya. 

By seeing her, Daxh began to look like a profane subtle look. Shakti could not tolerate those words, so she handed herself in the fire in front. After receiving this tragic news, Shivaji created Parvati by indulging in extreme tension and through intercession Himayat. 

Parvati became the his wife again because of her power. 

In the future, Shivaji opened the third eye on Kamadeva due to the convergence of Shiva Parvati, and Kamadev turned into ashes. 

But Brahma and Vishnu wanted to organize world's goodness. At that time, Lalita Tripura Sundari was rebuilt as Kamdev's wife. 

Tripura Sundari Devi is also the sister of Lord Vishnu.

Due to the emergence of Cupid's ash, it gives a quick result to unite  couple in love. Her worship gives birth to child instantaneously . 

Because the responsibility of carrying the human specie  forward is given to he great king  Cupid and Tripura Sundari.The worship of Tripura Sundri Mata provides supreme happiness to women. By worshiping , every person becomes a handsome person with beautiful maturity and affectionate love. It is a beautiful combination of power and enjoyment. It has the power to offer lust (sex) and salvation both together.

In addition to the spiritual practice of Tripura Sundari Mata, there is no such practice in the world that provides both happiness and salvation together.To make Sundarati mother happy, Tripura organizes Rudraksh's garland. Ek mukhi Rudraksh  is more liked by maa. But even if you do not have ek mukhi rudraksh, she will bestow her blessings.  Make 8 rows of 54
ॐ ऐं ह्रीं श्रीं त्रिपुर सुंदरीयै नमः

                                  त्रिपुर सुंदरी माता

उद्यद्भानुसहस्रकान्तिमरुणक्षौमां शिरोमालिकां रक्तालिप्तपयोधरां जपपटीं विद्यामभीतिं वरम् । 

हस्ताब्जैर्दधतीं त्रिनेत्रविलसद्वक्त्रारविन्दश्रियं देवीं बद्धहिमांशुरत्नमुकुटां वन्दे समन्दस्मिताम् ॥
माता भुवनेश्वरी 
mata bhuvaneshwari

Mother Bhuvaneshwari is the fourth goddess of ten Mahavidyas. Bhubaneswar means that the power of the three people is on such a power, such a rich goddess. Sadhana is about to increase in every kind of happiness. The special point of Goddess Bhubaneswar is that it is very naive. Because of which she is happy in very short time. But this form of mother is also very close. And for some reason, mother has to do two consecutive spiritual practices to celebrate her chanting. Never lie to Goddess Mother or any selfishness.If a seeker receives this power, then his relatives, friends etc. fall in his rank. His respect is increased greatly in society. On the people working with machines, it is so happy that I take on the form of a machine, so that there is no incident accident with that machine anytime.Mother Bhuvaneshwari helps in stabilizing the mind of the businessman who works in the brain. Mata Bhubaneshwari does the task of reminding me of the correct answer at the right time. Therefore, the students who hold the examination for the post of Collector, Commissioner, come to the refuge of Bhuvaneshwari.During the creation of the universe, Surya Narayan was displaying his power alone, and in this connection, his debate was expressed in Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh by performing his work (the birth of the Sun). Everyone started to claim that who is Almighty. Therefore, Aditi Shakti took the form of the earth and defeated the pride of those three. Because the landowner was just calm not even in her womb, there was water also which could calm the power of the sun. That is why Bhuvaneshwari mother's chest is open half, because the nature of the creation is continuing, its nutrition is also being sustained. For this reason, the mother's cena is very big and always remains filled.The woman whose milk is low, or whose mother's milk is not being met for the baby, or women whose coke is dry, should worship Mother Bhuvaneshwari, together with her husband.You will never be disappointed in Bhubaneswar.Use of rhinestone garland like water for worship of Bhuvaneshwari mother, please do it in white thread. Mantrasagapapara mantra with 11 grains (mala).


 “ॐ ऐं ह्रीं श्रीं नमः

भुवनेश्वरी स्तुति

उद्यद्दिनद्युतिमिन्दुकिरीटां तुंगकुचां नयनवययुक्ताम् । 

स्मेरमुखीं वरदाङ्कुश पाशभीतिकरां प्रभजे भुवनेशीम् ॥
छिन्नमस्ता देवी  

chinnamasta mata

Chinnamasta Devi is also addressed by the names of Chinnamastika and Vishal Chandika. It is very influential to achieve this. Due to high impact, it is not the case with the general seeker. Chinnamasta Goddess kills the enemy and kills him. Many times, until the enemy does not perish at all, the mother kills her and kills him every day.This goddess is also giving life and death also. He takes his decisions in his court. Their power is unimaginable.The mother enjoys working in success in employment, success in education, getting good boss in the job, getting post upgrades, bringing court case to her face. To make any person in your favor, awakening the Kundalini Shakti, instantly grab a woman or man. Such miracle is the left hand game of Chinnamasta Devi.Be careful of cultivating this form of mother. Because this power is very intense. If the other form of power is the moon then this form is Sunya Narayana. It is so powerful that it is effective in its court. The seeker does not have to wait long. Chinmasta does not wear a garment. Only man holds the skulls.His servants are naked in his sweet flowing belt (Dakini) and Kakhala (naranii). And he is giving his blood to Chinnamasta Devi. It is a tremendous power to cut your own throat and drink your own blood. How frightened is his mind that by cutting his own throats on his own self, he is taking his own hand in one hand and enjoying himself. This mother is not stable or sitting or standing. This mother continuously rotates. This is its trunk but it is very difficult for the devotees to keep it with themselves. Because where your devotion will decrease, it will go away to the other devotee.Under his steps Kamadeva and his wife Rati are found to have been doing kamchrida. Sometimes it takes the form of a pair of Radha-Krishna. In their ritual sports, male and female characters are below. This thing shows how powerful is Chinnamasta Maa. He can crush his devotee. Because if the seeker indulged in meditation during meditation and did not complete the sadhana, there is no limit to the anger of Chinnamasta Maa. They have no other way to plead with lust for money or anything else. Because they have abandoned all things.But the seeker, who is pleased with this, gives him a nectar, breast-feeding from his chest. Even if you go anywhere in the world, you get milk of his infinite love. But to become as worthwhile, you have to work hard.Chinnamasta mother's mantra from the black hakeek rosary. Start worshiping any new moon and do the rosary without breaking it until next month. Think of ten times to worship Mother. If the sadhana breaks for some reason before the beginning of the new moon, then your brain will get scattered. That means you can become crazy. Or he can take your life too. Either do not start meditation.But those seekers are firmly committed to the mind, they must achieve the supernatural experience of this sadhana. If you have any desire in mind, then definitely do it.

श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं ऐं वज्र वैरोचनीयै हूं हूं फट स्वाहा:

छिन्नमस्ता स्तुति

नाभौ शुद्धसरोजवक्त्रविलसद्बांधुकपुष्पारुणं भास्वद्भास्करमणडलं तदुदरे तद्योनिचक्रं महत् । 

तन्मध्ये विपरीतमैथुनरतप्रद्युम्नसत्कामिनी पृष्ठस्थां तरुणार्ककोटिविलसत्तेज: स्वरुपां भजे ॥
माँ त्रिपुर भैरवी 
maa tripur bhairai

tripur bhairavi mata- das mahavidya

The power that comes with the Bhairavi name, it is mandatory to have mechanisms. This mother, who has direct connection with the ghost soul, is extremely dangerous. This mother's help is taken for the demonic demonic experiments. Tripura Bhairavi Ma is served to get the wish of a beautiful woman or a rich man. Marriage in love, speeding up the work of Mangal, which has stayed since the year of marriage, getting the boyfriend after marriage, not being discredited due to love in the society. For all these, Lord Shri Tripura Bhairavi Devi is worshiped. Their cultivation shows immediate effect. Tantric problem is solved by Tripura Bhairavi. Tripura Bhairavi Deviash is destroyed by the problem of the problem.The goddess that is done in relation to the sad activities. Goddess helps people to achieve success in yoga meditation by liberating lust, greed, anger, jealousy, intoxication and delusion by nature. By removing all kinds of defects or defects, man can reach the highest level of meditation or yoga otherwise it will not. For the awakening of Kundalini Shakti, destruction of all types of human defects or Ashta loos is necessary and this power is received only by Goddess Tripura Bhairavi.This goddess is cremation ground, the posture of a human dead or a dead body is Goddess. Goddess meat and blood are bloody and are mounted on the dead body. Bhagwati Tripura Bhairavi, Lalit or Maha Tripura Sundari is the Rath Vahini and is held as the distinguished or Swaminar of Yoginio. Goddess Bhairavi is also a symbol of firm determination, he resolved to get Lord Shiva in the form of Parvati, in the form of Parvati, the entire world was stunned to see the austerity of the Goddess. Goddess Bhairav ​​is Batuk and Lord Nrusingh is the power. The name of the goddess Bhairavi is night and the Bhairav ​​period BhairavPruning of coriander seeds in yellow thread and 21 times 21 beads.
मंत्र -

ॐ ह्रीं भैरवी कलौं ह्रीं स्वाहा: 

त्रिपुरभैरवी स्तुति

उद्यद्भानुसहस्रकान्तिमरुणक्षौमां शिरोमालिकां रक्तालिप्तपयोधरां जपपटीं विद्यामभीतिं वरम् । 

हस्ताब्जैर्दधतीं त्रिनेत्रविलसद्वक्त्रारविन्दश्रियं देवीं बद्धहिमांशुरत्नमुकुटां वन्दे समन्दस्मिताम् ॥
माँ धूमावती 
Dhumavati maa
Dhumavati maa

Goddess Dhumavati exists as the widow of Lord Shiva, to swallow her husband ShivaKaran Devi is a widow. Physical nature of Goddess also results from anger and adverse consequencesIndicates. He is also known as Lakshmi ji's senior, jyeshtha, who himself raises many problems.The actual form of goddess Dhoomawati is like smoke and in this case the Goddess exists. Goddess of physical form; The deformed, ominous Khabar or the deformed body, with distracted nature, long stature, with three eyes and wearing malle clothes. The teeth of the Goddess and the nose are elongated, the ears are scary, faltering hands and feet, the breast appears swinging. The goddess is like an old widow, with open hair. In his left hand, Goddess has placed soup and right hand in a hand made from human scalp, which is also giving blessings. The nature of the Goddess is extremely rude and the Goddess is always immense and hungry. Goddess is of black character and has kept Saroos, Rudrakshs in their jewelery form. The goddess crematoriums wear sleeveless garments coming out of dead bodies in the valley and reside in cremation grounds, are excluded from society. The goddess is riding on a chariot drawn by a cow. The relation of the Goddess is entirely with the classes and completely abandons the items related to the red color.The goddess, who was angry, ate only her own husband, the Goddess's relationship was unfortunate, unholy, ungodly, deformedAs with negative facts. Devi crematorium and living in dark places, from societyExcluded, (Images related to the Goddess should not be kept in the house) are to live in unholy places.The relation of the Goddess is totally inauspicious and with negative elements, the worship of the goddess is inauspicious andNegative thoughts are used to solve Goddess Dhoomawati worship disaster, disease
Prevention, war wars, killing, elimination etc. are done in deeds. The wrath of the Goddess,There are apps, craving. Goddess delights both the disease and the grief when he is pleasedBut all the people who have lost their desire destroy the desire. According to the Agam texts, lack, crisis,Goddesses are worshiped to keep away from discord, disease etc.Dhoomawati Goddess destroys every kind of oppression. Tantra - takes the mantra to the finish. Moore helps us to avoid magic. Bad eyes and ghosts - the ghosts etc. are all in the shelter of Dhoomavati.They are practiced for salvation from all the diseases and pains of the body. Abhay boon has the ability to give blessings to Dhoomawati. Mammoth protects us in any kind of harsh practice. It is known in the name of Alkshmi because it is forgotten in the system of meditation by Anjana, so Moy protects us.Use a white diamond or purple pearl material or a black beetle garland for meditation. After sunset, do yarn 6 times 54 times.


ओम धु धू धूमावति धूमावति देवै स्वाहा

धूमावती स्तुति

प्रातर्यास्यात्कमारी कुसुमकलिकया जापमाला जयन्ती मध्याह्रेप्रौढरूपा विकसितवदना चारुनेत्रा निशायाम्  

सन्ध्यायां वृद्धरूपा गलितकुचयुगा मुण्डमालां वहन्ती सा देवी देवदेवी त्रिभुवनजननी कालोका पातु युष्मान् ॥
बगलामुखी माता 
bagalamukhi mata
bagalamukhi mata

The elderly mother Bagalamukhi is very influential. It's tremendous strength.Tantra Vidya and Anushanash, the victory in Court Kachari is a very easy task for all the elderly mothers. An elderly mother is a terrible destructive power. It is easy to get the blessings of this mother. But its hand is always made on the head so there is a lot of hard work and patience needed.The goddess has a close relationship with superhuman, supernatural magical powers, which are said to be spellbound. Dreadful acts like ignorance, pillar, and Maran can not be complete without the grace of Goddess. The Goddess is only providing all sorts of riddhi and achievement, especially, in all three places, the power to attract anyone, speech power, erectile power. Devotee devotees are able to subdue not only their enemies but also the three people,This mother is very moody. It is not too late to feed the seeker on need. In the same way, as a lioness, she swallows her own cubs as well, so does the elderly mother also work. Therefore, it is necessary for the lion to take shelter in their shelter. But it is not difficult for any devotee to go to it properly, to do any work from mother.For success in the examination, sadhana is done for mother's progress for job advancement. Unlike other forms of mother, this form also acts as a recommendation on the request of the devotee. That is, the seeker is pleased by the elderly mother, the seeker does the work of other devotees through the mother. Therefore, the elderly mother is more populist in the tantric people.This education is used only when all the paths are closed. Please call at least 16 rosary from the 108 kilograms of haldi. This Vidya is Brahmastra, it is the destroyer power of Lord Vishnu. It is necessary to think of ten times before using it.
ॐ ह्लीं बगलामुखी देव्यै ह्लीं ॐ नम:

 बगलामूखी स्तुति

मध्ये सुधाब्धि मणि मण्डप रत्नवेद्यां सिंहासनोपरिगतां परिपीतवर्णाम् । 

पीताम्बराभरण माल्य बिभूतिषताङ्गी देवीं स्मरामि धृत-मुद्गर वैरिजिह्वाम् ॥

देवी मातंगी 

Devi matangi
Devi matangi

Goddess Matangai is situated at a new place in ten colleges and the goddess belongs to the lower castes and tribes. Another famous name of the goddess is Chandalini and the relation of Goddess relates to various types of mechanisms. The goddess of magical power or magical power,

The very lowest caste of Goddess Hindu society, Chandal is affiliated, Devi is Chandlini and Lord Shiva Chandal. (Functions related to carcasses in Chandalashmashan valley) In the system of texts, the worship of the Goddess is especially for the purpose of converting verses (which are to be said), to become proficient in the sublimation and the bhogwilas. Goddess Matangi is skillful with four types of fine arts and parrot birds are very close to them. Goddess Matangi is going to defeat the tribulation and all the troubles in her home. Married married girl came under the protection of Matangi but the proper fruit was soon found. The couple should come in the shelter of Goddess Matangi to get children.Their results are good enough. People also come in the shelter of the mother for attaining the son. But the mother herself also creates the male and female genesis evenly in the creation.If mother is always a boy, this mother does not necessarily understand. But if your wish is according to the rules of nature and the prayer of the mother that the compassion may increase, then the desire for the child is increased. That is why mother's service has to be filled with a lot of heart.Or the goddess Matangi has a good spiritual practice in solving any kind of family problems and misery.With the grace of women, women's support is easily available. But do not destroy the people's world by misusing this suppressive power. Do not break the rape of any woman. But if a woman wishes you to feel in your heart and wants to enjoy you, then she also protects the woman's world. It is a great Goddess, who loves her devotees so much that it helps herself to enjoy the enjoyment of the devotees.To achieve this, use of rhinestone garland should be done before chanting the twelve merchandise chanting the sun god. The garland is that of the fourth.


ॐ ह्रीं ऐं भगवती मतंगेश्वरी श्रीं स्वाहा:
मातङगी स्तुति

श्यामां शुभ्रांशुभालां त्रिकमलनयनां रत्नसिंहासनस्थां भक्ताभीष्टप्रदात्रीं सुरनिकरकरासेव्यकंजांयुग्माम् । 

निलाम्भोजांशुकान्ति निशिचरनिकारारण्यदावाग्निरूपां पाशं खङ्गं चतुर्भिर्वरकमलकै: खेदकं चाङ्कुशं च ॥
कमला माता 
kamala mata
kamala mata
The nature of the goddess Kamala is very beautiful and adorable. And the golden aura has been taken. The nature of the Goddess is very beautiful, there are a few smiles on the mandal, they have three eyes, like lotus, they hold semi moon on their heads. The Goddess has four arms and she holds lotus flowers in her two hands. And with the two hands of Nicha display the Abhaya mudra and Abhaya. The goddess Kamala prizes with Ratno and Kaustubh Mani wear crown crowned on her head, beautifully decorated with silk sari. And hold various ornaments containing priceless jewels. In the middle of the Goddess Sea, lotus is surrounded by flowers and sitting on the lotus seat. The group of elephants are bathing with the urn of nectar from Goddess.As a result of marriage to Yashvahan Vishnu, the relation of the Goddess is from virtue property. And they are the dynasty of Vaishnavi Shakti. Lord Vishnu Devi is Bhairav ​​of Kamala. Governments, Raj Pat, precious metal and topaz like Topaz, emerald, diamond etc., beauty related materials, jewelery etc. are related to goddess. The presence of the goddess makes the three people happy and pure. Otherwise their sister resides in the form of dhoomawati or dementia and lack. Business class, specially worshiped goddess goddess goddess, worship etc. Deities are the most famous under Hindu religion. And are worshiped by all sections, under the system, the worship of the Goddess is done in a Tantrik Lakshmi form. According to Tantras, Goddess is also prosperity, good luck and wealth provider.
Durgas Rishi cursed the idol in the item, ego, that god Deity Lakshmi should become inferior, resulting in deity languished, deprived of happiness, glory, wealth and power became inferior. Following the ideals of demon guru Shukracharya, his disciple, Giant Raj Bali, took control over Paradise. All the gods were deprived of happiness, splendor, wealth, prosperity and kept hiding on the earth, their life became very difficult. Again, according to Lord Vishnu's orders for happiness, glory, empire, prosperity, the gods used to treat the demons and churn the sea. There were 14 types of gems, including Goddess Kamala.On the manifestation of the Goddess Kamala of Lord Shri Hari, the light shining of the brightest sixth, like lightning, attracted everyone from his beauty, generosity, youth, form and glory. Deities, Asur, humans were excited to take all Goddess Kamala, Indra himself gave his divine seat to sit for the Goddess. The best rivers filled the gold pit and anointed the Goddess with holy water, the earth provided all the medicines for the anointing. Gaouans Panchgavya, Spring, completed all the flowers and fruits and the Rishis performed the anointing of Goddess. The Gandharvas started singing and singing of dancers of Mangal Gan singing, and the clouds began to sound like mridang, Dumuru, Dhol, Jaangar, Narsinghe, Shankh, Venu and Veena, after that Goddess Kamala took the Padma (lotus) with the throne on the throne. The giants bathe them with the urn filled with water, the Brahmins recited Ved Mantras. The sea provided the goddess to wear a yellow silk garment, Varuna provided Vaijanti Mala, which was being bewildered with her honey fragrance. Vishwakarma gave birth to jewelery, Goddess Saraswati defeated the pearl, Brahma ji gave Kajal and Nagas to two Kundal Devi Kamala. After this, Goddess Kamala took the lotus rosary with his hands and put it in the neck of the virtues, Purushottam Shree Hari Vishnu, made them their shelter, and chose them in the form of groom.Lakshmi ji wanted to get everyone (demon, man, deity), but Lakshmi ji chose Vishnu as her only variant,Those who know the information of Maa Kamala also make worship of them on Deepawali.All the beautiful girls in this world are due to Kamala Ma. The beautiful thing is that beautiful flower mamala is the same. It is compulsory for Maa Kamala to come to the shelter for acquiring untold riches in every kind of cultivation.Kamala is moving forward in destroying the debt of devotees. If a seeker wishes Mahalaxmiji's grace, then follow the Goddess of the Goddess on the lotus. If the ancient scriptures believe that Indra Dev is ruling the heavens only after doing meditation.For the worship of Maa Kamala, chant 21 kalgatta garlands or chant the 14 mala mantras (ie a long part of the lotus flower below) and 14 garland mantras. 
मंत्र – 

ॐ हसौ: जगत प्रसुत्तयै स्वाहा: 

कमला स्तुति

त्रैलोक्यपूजिते देवि कमले विष्णुबल्लभे । 

यथा त्वमचल कृष्णे तथा भव मयि स्थिरा ॥
Without a guru, without instruments, without garlands and without knowledge, do not worship any goddess. Taking 10 Mahavidyasis is not a work of minor seekers. Only high-level seekers can achieve the final result. 'hari OM

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