How to do Temple administration and construction

How to do Temple administration and construction

Tapti Kubereshwar Mandir

Tapti Kubereshwar Mandir

  Introduction: The construction and administration of the temple of Dhan-Kuberji is a religious work. In which self-interest Kuberji blesses such a person, therefore, immense money is created in that place. Lakshmiji is always happy over that person. Then he does not need to do anything other than the service of wealth-Kuberji in life. Hari

Cost: 1) 'Construction of temple of Dhan-Kuberji', for this project, two bunds in the city and a badge land is required in the rural area. Hari

2) For the idol of Dhan-Kuberji, there is a cost of fifty thousand to two lakh rupees. The idol can be made of marble or black stone. Hari

3) The temple building will be constructed in two types. The first is Dhan-Kuberji Gadhara, where the idol is. And the second is the letter shed, in which the devotee will remain standing. Two thousand rupees will be spent to build the house and the shed will be of one lakh. Hari

4) For the publicity of Dhan-Kuberji temple, the cost of two lakhs will come. In which San Antonio convenes Ram Katha or Bhagwat Katha, Vip That is, a Political Leader's visit will be included. Then the news paper, T.V. Chanel coverage will come. Hari

5) Organizing special jatra of Dhan-Kuberji and calling the Carnaval people will cost fifty thousand rupees.

Collection: 1) Every day, there will be a collection of at least two thousand to five thousand arti.

2) Five million collections of every poonam and amavas and festivals are due to wealth and kubaraji

Sing In the first six months, the whole investment will come out. Then the collection will start coming in profit. Hari

3) Construction of Dhan-Kuberji temple will take one year to complete this full project. Then there will be at least one crore collection each year. Hari

4) For the devotees coming to the temple of Dhan-Kuberji, the shops will be opened for the devotees. Hari

5) Dhan-Kuberji Carnaval will come twice in a year, the collection will be ten percent of the temple. Which will be close to about one million to two million. Hari

6) Lakhs of money are also benefited by selling idols, photos and Rudraksha of Dhan-Kuberji. Hari

7) In the temple of Dhan-Kuberji, there is a lot of money and money in donation, which is at least two crores in a year. Including Black Money White Businessman, Builder, NRI, Governing Officer, Political Leader, Film Producer. Hari

Make a life of life and death after making a temple of Dhan-Kuberji. People will meet your children, their children and future generations, Lakshmin will always be happy. Hari om
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