what is "" ?by

1. what is "" ?by


It is a advertisement website platform with limited responsibilities. In the era of fast changing technologies and gazettes, a common man is turning into a seller. Before few years it was only big companies and manufacturers who were at selling end and common man was at only buyers end.

But now there is a fast change in lifestyle, so up gradation is happening in electronic industry, automobile industry as well fashion style is also changing very fast.
Before few years' people were emotionally attached with goods, they purchase. But now people change things due to change in fashion, or simply change because they want to change. This has opened a new market of small time sellers.
Before few years people were looking only and only for 'new' items, and not for 'second hand item' but now it is known as 'used' item and people do not found any emotional blockage while purchasing 'used' items.
Unfortunately, within last five years there are many 'e-commerce' platforms available in India. As far as the 'putting a ad on' website is concern, there are only two three.
The available websites do focus only on urban population, so gives less chance for developing village dwellers to participate in the changing era of 'sell for a change'.
And yes it is "free".


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