My husband kisses my eight-year-old son every minute when they sit together. Is this normal? Do you do this with your child?

If you have asked this question publicly, means there is a serious problem. I know no one can understand your words, but, yes, I can. Let me explain it systematically.
According to sigmund freud, father of psychology, “’Libido” is a driving force of human life. Even our birth is due to Libido of our parents. We love our child because there is a tint of Libido in side. Believe me, when Freud put on theory of Electra and oedipus complex, so called society protectors tried to kill him. Here he explains Electra complex as Daughter is attracted to Father and Oedipus complex as Son attracted to Mother. He explains this, it is because of our natural desire to choose a life partner when we grow up.
The problem is, if a male i.e. father loves physically tooooo much to another male, son, the father is creating a GUY. If a mother loves toooo much to her daughter she is creating a lesbian. Because nature has given us some natural psychological parameters to behave as a complete man or woman.
But the problem starts when somebody cross the limit. Suppose i am shouting at my child at his fault. This is normal behavior. But if i start to shout at my child every minute..its a problem with me.
When we ask questions on social forums like Qura or any other, people are not expert on the subject. They are not trained doctors so they start to give advices depending on their commonsense. But your question is beyond normal behavior. So please consult the psychologist, or your husband will spoil life of your child.
I handle one case few years back. One family came to me with 2 months daughter in their arms, stating that a wife is lunatic, and does not allow father to handle his own daughter. Everyone blamed the lady and declared her as lunatic.
I got deep into the roots of the problem, there i found father used to play with private part of his 2 months old own daughter. When she is pissing he used to suck… etc. This was very embarrassing to a lady even to explain it to others. again her family was having big royal background. Then she was only protecting a child. In this case also, father was not at the fault, with proper counseling he became normal.
Mean to say, people look normal but they actually are not. So my advice is that please ask your husband to consult a psychologist.
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