How to upload video on whatsapp, how to connect whatsapp with pc

How to upload video on whatsapp, 

how to connect whatsapp with pc

1. Start your phone and go into whatsapp chat

2. Tap on top side three dots (menu)

3. It will pop up menu select WhatsApp Web

4. It will automatically start scanning with green thin line updown. Keep it on as it is 


5. Start your pc/laptop and type URL

It will show QR square. like this..

6. Now hold your phone in front of QR code to scan exactly. hold your hand perfect, avoid shaking. 

7. Now your phone is connected with PC / Laptop. 

8. Now upload video from PC / Laptop to whatsapp.Wait a while and after loading publish it.

9. Do not switch off or log out from whatsapp till work done.

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