Educational System in India is a Mess

Educational System in India is a Mess

One day a child ask its parents ,' If I want to earn huge money in life which subject should I choose as my first choice?'. After thinking too much parents told to go for Economics, it deals with Money and money related things. The child was very excited….Child choose Commerce with specialization in Economics. He got topper in Graduation. He was a very good student. He never watched any movie, he never made any girlfriend, he didn’t watch TV also. He denied enjoying life since he was focused on his studies.

He was very focused, so he got the result as a Topper with 90+ marks. Now he came in a Job market …to earn money.. he didn’t got any satisfactory job.. nor he could start any business based on his 'Economics' knowledge..

He consulted his parents again.. after thinking too much parents got the conclusion, that graduation is not sufficient he must go for post graduation.. so he did M.Com again he was very focused. He literally gave 22 years of his life to this educational system. Again he got topper. He earned Gold Medal at University. His parents were so proud of him, started dreaming that their son has earned much more money and got listed as one of the richest person in the world… But in vain, as the boy came in a job market he was asked for additional degree like computer skills. He denied and told, I gave my best 22 years of life studying Economics… I got the best knowledge.. but he was not able to got any job, nor did he could start any business depending on his academic knowledge…

He asked his parents again, now parents were unable to answer him. So he consulted Principal of his college. Principal told him to go for Ph.D. again he studied like a maniac. He got the best result.. now the educational system shouted at him and with raised voice offered a Doctorate. Now he became 26 years old. He was very energetic and bold at his 20's he was a good painter from childhood but his parents didn’t allow holding painting brush in his hand.

According to them painting has no career, graduation may give him crores of rupees in his life. Now a child was grown up as a 26 years matured Doctorate Economics degree holder… 

What do you think? Did he able to earn huge money in his life depending on his academics? Because like a mad man he peruse his knowledge…what do you think?.....
He was trained to make analysis of National and World's economy but no book has told him how 'HE' can earn money… Then after giving 26 years of his life to this educational system what did he got?... A frustration.. He then join as a school teacher to earn his bread and butter .. see the 'irony' (find out meaning of 'irony' in dictionary, its wonderful word) of life, the founder and trustee of the school was 4th standard pass local politician..then our hero got married.. - because marriages in India is a social responsibility-. For parents, he got married. Now he has to feed his wife also, along with his parents and brothers and sisters, so he decided to do some part time work… 

He again tried to find out answer for his economic growth. Now he was doctorate, he can better design National and Worlds Economical growth but unable to understand what to do for himself… Then he started lecturing on a coaching class, on highest rate of 350=00    per hour.. 'irony of life'.. the owner of coaching class 10th fail person earning 2 lakh  per month… Wah re Educational System, padhane ke baad hame kya milata hai.. Gulaami…

On a very serious note we have to find out what is wrong with this educational system? Suppose any of this reader may think to do M.B.A. if he or she is willing to do business… but let me tell you after doing M.B.A. you are a bigger slave. (please look at best B School ratings in India, those boyes got 1 Crore package is the best, 20- 30 lakh package is at second number then below 10 lakh  is moderate, where we are asking for training to create business owners.. )You may get highly paid Job. In M.B.A. you are not educated to become an industrialist or a real time businessman, but you are trained to be a Manager. Why it is happening????  because the M.B.A. syllabus is designed by a person who never did any business in his life. M.B.A. books are written by those scholars who never did any business in his life. A book is explained by a teacher.. again is a person who never did any business in his life. Do you still expect a system of slaves can deliver a free Business owning personality?

Unfortunately not !

Let us look at the quality of teachers in India. We have to start from Primary education. A normal ZP, or Municipal school…

Now try to understand who is coming in primary teaching profession?

A student who is 90% and above he is choosing medical profession… a student who is 70% and above choosing Engineering as a profession. 60%+ may go for BSC and will choose corporate sector… A student who is in between 40 to 50% (or repeater in 10th or 12th) chooses teaching as a final choice. 

Yes, some people may argue that some times 80% and above rankers are in teaching field.. oh, then again go for their personal abilities… those intelligent guys have tried corporate sector or changed so many jobs and at the end they have chosen teaching as a profession.. some guys develop physical injury, some guys are lazy enough to do anything in life, some are not able to face competitive corporate world, some might be facing personal economical problem etc… but where are motivated talented teachers? This kind of person gets himself adjusted somehow, to earn bread and butter, without passion of changing educational system.. to think about…

Show me a child at 10th or 12th std thinking to choose lectureship even he is getting 80% and above (who is not facing any problem at personal level…)

Why it is happening in India? How can we create better student if we don’t have better teachers at mass level? The reason is "motivation". Government policies are de-motivating to teaching profession. A teacher was getting respect before 50 years but now teacher is very last part of the society… a municipal teacher or ZP primary school teacher has got burdened with other futile works which has no relevance with teaching.

Age old formula of 10+2+3 is out dated. Education must be life oriented. students who belongs to lower middle class to go for Mobile repairing or plumbing course rather than to go for B.A., M.A., B.Com or etc… because now the trend of earning money is skill oriented. 

If any student asks whether to go for Software Engineering or Hardware Engineering, if he is smart enough to work hard, he must to go for Hardware Engineering and earn everyday 500 to 1000 . and manage a good business. Software Engineering may give a better job option but not independent business ownership at initial stages.

We have to change our total syllabus, it must have life orientation… in our educational system you will be surprised to notice that there is not a single session on child or student psychology… Not a single session by very successful people about How they got success, how they keep themselves motivating in adverse time 

There are good carriers like Politician (Leading the nation from Front), becoming Real Estate Agent or Builders, joining Film industry.. etc where multi millions earning possibilities are there.

Unfortunately our educational system has developed fashion to hate politics.. So, less educated people are choosing it as a profession, and the nation falls in wrong hands. Educational system hates Builders (if I ask parents are you interested in making your child an Architect or a Builder, they will definitely choose an Architect -to work under builder) mass public opinion about builders is..they are "Gundas" where they are actually not. Educational system hates Film industry… why? I don’t know… Our 60% of life is dependent on film industry. We listen old or new hindi songs, we watch TV, we read about film stars. Our educational system at mass level never gives any motivation or proper training to come to this industry. Film industry needs good technicians also. Why only Bollywood? There must be film producing activities in every big city. Every city must have their own powerful entertainment cable channels.  Why to depend only on Stars, Zee or Sony, Sub TV…

"Only Memory" testing is another limitation of our educational system. Unfortunately a person who can remember text i.e. words, and can write it in exam is known as talented person. Creativity, art, leadership qualities are not recognized by present educational system.

The worst part is board exam. If a student is failed to achieve certain marks he is denied to pass and gets punishment to wait till 365 days. Its very cruel system. Our educational system enjoys failing maximum students, not evaluating or guiding student in which subject he is the best…He has to wait till next year. This system must be closed. Exam must be there at the intervals of 90 days that is 3 months time. He, who ever may be, can prepare at any age for any exam. There must be online exam to evaluate student to save time, computers can generate result within few seconds. Since from 8th standard a student can choose his best subject. He can eliminate unwanted subjects. So that he can produce the best out of it. This should be followed till engineering or medical degree. It has been seen an Engineering student got best in his interested subject but unable to get minimum marks in a subject which he cannot understood. And then his carrier is finished for one two or three years.

 I asked many Technocrats that after coming into profession, how many times he has referred his text book to solve any problem? They used to laugh at me with words that academic books are unable to solve any problem (including technical problems) on field, industry itself is a teacher. Degree and knowledge in colleges is only a platform… how can we create a good nation with this kind of training and knowledge? If you are having any emotional problem, family problem, social problem, economical problem can you solve it by opening any text book in whole the giant system the answer is NO! oh what a mess…!

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