Travelling destination: Aquarium in Surat

Travelling destination: Aquarium in Surat

There are some great spots in Surat city where the entire family can do the same. One of these places, Jagdish Chandra Bose Aquarium, whose maintenance is extremely ridiculous. Very clean, this place offers you a different world tour. Presented in the "Pal" area in Surat city, this is a very excellent place for the spot one day trip.

Many times we are away from the city to spend the holidays. I'm pretty sure. Many families living in the Pal area have not seen this wonderful world under the sea till now.
There are a total of 52 fish counters in this aquarium. Which has more than one hundred species. The most rare and observable species, the "perfume" fish that can eat humans and the scary "alligator" (crocodile) slow slower turtles, and star fish.

Information of each fish is available on the net anyway. But seeing in front of the sea that these species alive is a different experience.

Some marine creatures are extremely dull, so some are extremely agile. You should choose the time of the morning to see their agility. After noon, this creature lives in a corner of the tanka. So we do not see them properly. If you look at all the comfort in comfort, then at least two to three hours leave.
SMC This entertaining place should be seen at least once by the Surat Vassi, in the public interest generated by this. It is not only the psychic, it is also exciting.

India is the specialty of the country, that the big city is identified as one aquarium and a zoo museum. And Surat city is one of the few selected cities, in which it has both charm. In Diwali holidays, guests can visit the home and they have to go for aquarium. The wonderful world inside the sea is visible to all. There is parking facilities. There is a clean, clean public facility. The upcoming gentlemen are very busy. This is a very safe place for women. The ambient climate is quiet. Nearby is a large mall. So the arrangement of catering is quite good. All together, the tourists from Surat city can also enjoy this aquarium.             Please visit

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