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In the morning I found some whatsapp group members were discussing about peace of mind up to 1 am in night. I wish to fetch attention to some basic things about “How to get peace of mind”.
Nature has divided all species in two (three) categories. First is ‘diurnal’ i.e. species who work in day light and get rest at night. E.g. Mammals and ,  Second is ‘nocturnal’ who work at night and rest in daylight. E.g. serpentine species. (There is third category, emerging within last 50 years known as  ‘crepuscular’ who work at day light and ‘night light’ also.

Human is basically a diurnal. Since from the ages, when humans invented farming culture, He (‘he’ means all humans) rise up early in the morning, eat something after getting fresh, starts to work hard in farm till afternoon, taking lunch, rest, again join work, till evening. At the evening He used to return home by 6 or 7 pm. Having dinner with family and goes to the bed at 8 pm. This routine was there for thousands of years. Humans were living according to natures law. At that time physical, mental and spiritual health was perfect.

But four people influenced total humanity to convert humans from day work animals to nocturnal. First was ‘Tesla’ who invented electricity. Immediately an electric bulb was invented by Sir Humphrey Devy (Let me tell you, Electric bulb was not invented by Thomas Edison, bulb was invented 45 years before birth of Edison. Please update knowledge. )

Humans start to sleep at 9 pm. Because of bulb. Taken one our sleep from human life. Second was John Logie Baird, who invented Television. Now people start to sleep at 10 pm. (if you can remember black and white 17 inch T.V. and its program.) Then it was revolution of cable TV, color TV Sets.

And then net and Smart phone! story ends here!.

Now humans turned into ‘crepuscular’ who work at day light and ‘night light’ also. Which is not allowed by the nature.

Now try to understand relation of peace of mind, sleep and digestion system.

Once we take dinner, humans suppose to go to the bed around 10 p.m. Allow your body to rest allow your digestive system to work, allow your mind to rest. Go to the deep sleep, allow mind to get the trance or Theta level. Get rejuvenated be fresh, wake up early in the morning and have perfect physical and mental health.

Instead of this people play with smart phones up to 1 pm. They do not allow food to digest. It attracts acidity and gas trouble. It has inverse proportion with mind and the result is:  NO PEACE OF MIND. Stress in relationships, in a long run it turns as diabetes, hypertension and so on.

The moral of this article is Switch of Mobile at 10 pm. Go to the bed. Turn on Mobile at 8 am.
Take 1 glass of water, as you wake up. Go to washroom, washout every evil thought. Thank to God that you are alive. Forget what people said yesterday..Live in the present day. Enjoy life.
I guarantee it will definitely give peace of mind.

If still have doubt. Please discuss.   Dr. Joshi     

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