Top Classified websites in India.

Top Classified websites in India.

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Classified websites were free before few years. But now they have huge data base and huge investments by foreign funding agencies, ‘free’ is only a word on paper.
Once you put free ad on classified website, an executive will call you within few minutes. The executive known as ‘agent ’ will ask (and insist) you to purchase a plan.
If you are new to this trick you will purchase the plan. Now you are trapped.
Before purchasing a plan they will say that your free ad is lost in thousands of other ads so you will not get the response.  As a good citizen you believe that something which is paid for must give best result than free. But even after purchasing the plan your ad is still lost in huge data.
A promise from classified ad website that your ad will display among first three ads, is a fake promise. There might be more than ten thousand paid ads in popular category, such as used mobile phone, used bikes. If there are 10,000 already paid customers and website algorithm is displaying ads randomly, when is your turn?
The real answer is, your turn is never to display your classified ad, whether it is paid or not.
Over a period of  has created thousands of categories and sections that actual lay man user gets confused with it. There is no parameter to find out who has seen your ad, how many people have seen your ad.  It is like throwing your money in wish well.

Advertisement on Facebook is like this only. When a plan is purchased according to clicks, it gets vanished within few hours time. One should not spend big amount for facebook ads also. has very lethargic system. After visiting OLX one may get the feeling that they are not interested in doing business, expand business or update the web portal. OLX is not as popular as is a startup from India comparatively less advertisers so chances to get ad displayed is thousand percent more than OLX or Quikr. is simple and user friendly to use, compared to Quikr or OLX. It’ s growing very fast. Its designing is very cute. Gif images can be used here.  has data of around 1,53,421 places (almost every middle size village which has post office), 638 districts to locate out buyer as well as seller. is focused on village dwellers as well as low income groups from big cities.
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