How to get peace of mind excessive use of smart phone...2

How to get peace of mind excessive use of smart phone...2

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In this modern world, if anyone wants peace of mind; may consult a person who has achieved peace of mind. That ‘expert’ is always a spiritual person. Then the disturbed person is asked to stay for few days at “Ashram” which is always in the mountains, near river, or sea.
In every religion or faith ‘center for peace of mind ‘is always connected with the nature.
Then for few days the disturbed person is asked to *stay away from Mobile phone,  TV,* no modern vehicles to roam around, no spicy food (pizza, panipuri) is allowed, it is asked not to make unnecessary noise, do not talk with any one. Listen voice of nature. In Short ‘meditation’.
Then after few days a person feels near nature and gets peace of mind.
Lets talk technically.
A human mind has normal frequency of 60,000 Hertz or a normal human has 60,000 thoughts per 24 hours. Due to modernization or personal disturbance this frequency raise up to 80,000 hertz. With 80,000 thoughts per 24 hours the patient is disturbed. It can be understood by this way, an electricity load is more on the house hold equipments then what will happen? Equipments may get hot, it may burst out. That is exactly happens with humans.
Then what is nature’s frequency? Nature has frequency of 6.7 Hertz. Whenever a person is allowed to calm down up to 10,000 thoughts per 24 hours it is known as ultimate peace of mind.
What will happen if any one gets below 10,000 thoughts, he will become spiritual person. What happens if any one gets less than 1000 Hertz? He will leave his family in search of ultimate peace and the Truth. What will happen if any one gets 6.7 Hertz frequency, he will be.. Buddha, Mahavir…
The point is Electricity, Bulb, TV, Smart phone are not bad. The point is do not allow smart phone, TV (or any gazette) control you.
The adverse effect of TV is to watch only murder, rape and negative programs. The positive thing about TV is getting live knowledge around the globe. The positive thing about smart phone is connecting with people, the bad thing is a teenager having chat with friends at 1AM, 2AM at night.
 The point to understand is to take control on thoughts and ultimately life and get peace of mind.  
By- Dr. Joshi   

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