CORONAvirus attack by aliens, here are the details

CORONAvirus attack by aliens, here are the details


Corona virus is an 'alien' attack.

I want to put a first theory in the world, that 'Corona' virus is an alien attack on the earth.

Corona, answers a question, where did the life come from, on this earth?

Unfortunately when human thinks about aliens, he expands his own imagination. Human thinks that the alien might also have two legs and a head and two hands like a human. At the most,human imagination adds few organs of existing creatures on the earth.

In last thirty years, I studied every religion, in which one thing is very common, that, life on this Earth will finish one day. And again it will be composed. The description about how destruction may happen is almost the same.

In ancient times, the arrival of aliens was also recorded. Aliens were honored  as part or form of God. Our civilization is an experimental school of Aliens.

Whenever these aliens travel , they travel with  a subtle body. I studied many civilizations in the world closely. In the folk tales of every civilization, stories about  wizards and knowledgeable men used to 'disappear' from one place and appear at another place. When they disappear, their body transforms into particles of subtle energy. At that time that energy do not scatter. A sanskrit term "Bramhatatv" is associated with the element (God particle energy). When energy was reunited, the body used to appear again.

Which force keep tiny particles of energy intact in that process? 

How do they join back? This was all due to the 'Brahma Tattva'.

In some stories, this invisible energy killed others.

Why this alien selected Wuhan city from China?

1. It's Population, which creates sizable bio waste.

2. This population consumes meat than any other city on this planet. So huge slaughter houses and dead body storage is at the maximum. 

3. Ultra fast development of the city. Wuhan is manufacturing hub of computer and related products in the world. So Corona can modify it self any time and can spread in the world through computer hardware or net. 

 4. Aliens have tested it before Corona, which we named as 'Bird Flu' and 'Swine Flu'.

5. Before that it was AIDS, after Malaria. Wuhan is 3500 years old civilization.

6. Before that Aliens attack in the form of Bacteria. Plague started from this region in the world. 

7. Wuhan surrounding population eats vermin as their daily diet. Other humans may vomit by simply looking at the food. 

8. A total impact is Corona virus. An alien called Corona virus is modified enough to travel by any medium. It can travel through touch, air, water and almost anything. It will be interesting to know whether it will get modified further to travel through computer hardware and net or it will keep attacking on real bodies. 

Now it's time to rethink..

1. Where do these viruses come from? Science answers this, that the badges of the viruses move freely in the universe. It enters on the earth as it come in contact with the earth. They attack build houses in the bodies of creatures.

it is not absolute right to say, this virus was found in any particular species.  Those alien actually select particular specie to modify its DNA.With the help of particular specie it get adjusted with the conditions of the Earth, to spread.

2. If the corona virus was already present on the Earth, then why did it not show its existence before? Answer is, no it was not there.

3. When bunch of virus travels, who controls them? How do they all think the same?
No one knows. Like thousands of Sardine fish, bees, grasshoppers, birds travel in group but they never collapse with each other.

4. Have these types of attacks happened before? The answer is yes. There were many.

5. Man created 'computer' an extension of his brain, so the virus modified itself. And attack to 'Computer' also.

6. Is this fight going on? The answer is yes. And the funny thing is that only humans is the specie that can stop the attack of these aliens.

7.  In this battle, the final and continuous victory should not always be of Man. defeat of human by alien (virus) attack is possible, may be after two to five thousand years. 

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