sylvia browne book is fake about Corona prediction

Sorry to say, book by sylvia browne  is 

fake about Corona prediction.

book by sylvia browne  is fake about Corona prediction.

 It is drafted and printed after COVID-19 one of the conspiracy by US media to take revenge on China trade war. This shows systematic framing by US government. Virus are actually attack by foreign entities (Aliens). Virus are the bodies which can travel in a group like cells in our body travel from one place to other. it attacked China as it found right surroundings to spread. Before COVID-19, it was Swine Flew, Bird Flew, Ebola etc. Now the attack is with powerful army. Humans think Aliens may have physical body with five elements, which is not the truth. Alien bodies may not be identified by human eyes, or human brain.

Even if humans did not take action, it will vanish within certain time frame. How it will happen? The nature has created human body in such a way that it prepares itself to fight against it. Or think, why COVID-19 can not attack each and every human body?

Why can't it travel through air in such way to cover the Earth as a whole? On the Earth it can not spread in India. The reason is it's tropical climate. Indians face extreme climate change. Indians body, skin and eating habits (lot of spices) are unique comparing to other part of the world. If think on a large canveas humans have four races. European, Negro, Indian, Mongolian. The COVID-19 attack is on Mongolians and some European bodies.

 It will definitely fail against Indian race. (India, Shri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh,) Do not get panic. Everything will be all right very soon.

I am an 'Ancient Aliens Astronaut Theorist'.

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